5 Cool iPhone Pranks to play on your Friends


5 Cool iPhone Pranks to play on your Friends :I have written too many guides on iPhone, telling you about the right usage of your handset. After sharing such great list of guides, I have decided to put some light and funny stuffs for yourself too. Therefore, today we are sharing 5 cool iPhone pranks which you can play on your friends.

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I am sure you must be in the seek of such pranks and awesomeness to get out of your iPhone. I am sure that the below list of pranks is going to amaze you for sure and you are going to love them all and will enjoy it while applying it on others.

Cool iPhone Pranks – Begin Here!

So, from here I start the list of cool iPhone pranks to play on your friend with your iPhone. Now without taking your time, I would request you to get towards the below steps to explore more about it.

Broken Screen Wallpaper

This is one of the most interesting and easiest way to prank your friends. You only need to set a broken screen wallpaper on your iPhone and then show that to your friend. In first go, they will not be able to catch the prank and will think that it is actually broken. You may also try this it on their phone too.

So, apply this wallpaper on phone and look for the trap ?

Set Funny Auto-Correct Suggestions

You might have seen the Auto-correct feature on your iPhones. It works when you are typing something and it keeps on suggesting and correcting your mistakes. With the help of this trick, you will be able to set specific pre-set suggestion for certain words.

Then whenever you’ll type such words then it will be corrected with your set requirements. You set some funny auto-correct suggestions for some serious words, it’ll be fun.

To apply this trick follow these steps;

Go to Settings >> General >> Keyboard and then Add Shortcut. After that you will have two sections; Phrase and Shortcut. In Shortcut section write any serious or common word which we normally use e.g; Thanks, Sorry, Meet Me etc. And, in Phrase section right some funny words.

Now whenever somebody will write these serious words (Shortcuts) then it will be converted into your funny phrase.

Enable Inverted Colors

This prank will help you to invert all the colors of your icon. It will simply mess up all the color scheme of your or your friend’s phone. I am sure ones you have applied this trick then it will confuse your friends for sure.

To apply this trick follow these steps;

Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility and then turn on the Invert Colors.

Accessibility Lockout – Lock into Application

This is another prank which will help you to trick your friends.  Ones you have applied this trap then it will lock any of your friend in any particular app.

First of all, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Learning and from there enable Guided Access. Afterwards, Open any app and then triple click the Home button and then it will ask you to set a secret passcode. Now to leave the app, user will require that secret passcode.

Frozen or Hanged iPhone

When iPhone is hanged or stuck then it really annoys users but to play this on others will be really fun. Don’t worry it is not going to deal with any technicality of phone.

Follow these steps to apply this on others iPhone;

First of all, take a screenshot of your homescreen (Home + Sleep/Wake button).

Then you need to move all the apps from your homescreen and make it app free. Then set that screenshot as wallpaper of your homescreen. It will look like the apps are at their place but actually it’ll be a wallpaper only.


5 Cool iPhone Pranks to play on your Friends :I am sure you all must have enjoyed going through all the above pranks. If you have any other prank to share then lend it in the comment box. Your prank may be proven helpful for our readers out there.

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