6 Convincing Reasons that Facebook is best for your Business


6 Convincing Reasons that Facebook is best for your Business :Here I am back with one of the most important topics which can help you to see Facebook with a different perspective. As you all know that Facebook is the best social networking site. But if you see it with business’ perspective, then it is way more different.


The famous entrepreneurs are taking some of the best advantages of this social networking site. As many of you know that Facebook has reached to a large portion of the world and almost everybody around you uses it.

Here it has become one of the best market to promote your business and that is the reason that today I am sharing 6 convincing reasons to prove that Facebook is really the best platform for your business.

Is Facebook really Best for your Business?

Hmm! Frankly speaking, it is ? And to prove this and justify my standing I have shared some convincing reasons to make you believe in this that ‘Yes Facebook is best for your Business’, whether online or offline.

Reason No: 1) Biggest Market – Great Exposure Opportunity!

There is no doubt in that there are millions of users who use Facebook and prefer it over other social media sites. You might have seen in daily life that every second person around you, is the user of Facebook.

Have you ever thought practically to convert those users as your customers? I guess not at that extent.

Let me give you a practical example, for example, you are currently targeting 400 customers through different advertising means by bearing great cost. And if you will target your customers using Facebook then it will be definitely less than your current cost by targeting 4000 sole customers.

You just search any related brand on Facebook and see the number of persons who are liking the same stuffs which you are selling. Let me shock you here! These are your sole customers who are being taken away from you just by some smart marketing strategies of your competitor.

These are the reasons that why some international competitors are boosting and you are growing at snail pace. So guys its great market, go for it!

Reason No: 2) Real Buyers can be Easily Found – Laser Targeting!

Complementing the above reason, I am here more elaborating the bigger market. Since I have mentioned above that Facebook has got bigger market, that means there are various kinds of people.

And in that big trunk you can easily target your customers and sole buyers. If you are providing any service or product then with respect to your category you can easily target your sole customers or buyers. In technical term we call it “Laser-targeting”.

Reason No: 3) Best Community to Learn & Grow

I have met many entrepreneurs who personally believe in learning. Basically business is all about learning you keep on learning things which help you to grow your business.

And Facebook is the best place for that. It lets you to track your competitors, your mentors, your inspirations and much more related stuffs which increase your learning and ultimately help you to grow in business fraternity.

You can keep a detailed track of your competitor’s strategies which you can apply for your business and grow.

Facebook has got too much information to grasp and to grow.

Reason No: 4) Smarter Ways to Promote your Products & Services

The key point of any business is promoting and that too in a smarter way. Let’s say, if you have any product or service to sell what would you say to your customer?

I am sure that you are not going to say with dry words that “Kindly Buy It!” You will require to mold an appealing content which supports your advertisement with relevant graphics and designs.

And all these stuffs are available on Facebook. You can attach images, videos and text (basic) in your ads which will attract your buyers and will work as a call for action.

Reason No: 5) Best Talent Basket – Recruit for your Business!

Business requires teams to rock in the real world. And Facebook can help you to get the best talent for your business that is the reason that I have named it as “Best Talent Basket”.

Every business need man-force and if you are going to go out and search for your perfect team then it will be time and cost consuming for sure. But if you are going to do that work on Facebook then it will save your time, for sure and cost at some extent.

Moreover, you can get really talented persons here who are waiting to be recruited and provide their expertise to rock your business.

Build your team!

Reason No: 6) It builds Relationship – Good will Matters!

Entrepreneurs are very much possessive about their relationships and goodwill. As if you are not prominent and credible in the market, then your business is not going to run anyway.

You can easily create your relationships and goodwill using Facebook. As it is a big market where your buyers, competitors, mentors and all are present then you should consider it as your virtual market and maintain your credibility.

These were some of the reasons which proved that Facebook is best for your business. I hope you all are convinced. Do share your views about these reasons.

Are you convinced? If you are then you must share it with others to convince them as well.

Start Performing Smartly 6 Convincing Reasons that Facebook is best for your Business:)