8 Best Apps & Gallery Locker App For Android In 2015


8 Best Apps & Gallery Locker App For Android In 2015 : Today we are here to share you about best 8 apps and gallery locker apps for android 2015 Smartphones becomes best companion of youngsters. Now phones are not limited to calling and messaging. We perform many tasks with phones like internet browsing, photo capturing, Email, Store large Amount of data, use different Apps etc. Due to crazy of smartphones in young generation thousands of latest smartphones get launched every years. If you are planning to buy smartphone then much check Best smartphone to buy. Number of different devices with OS are available. But Android phone users increased tremendously because they provide amazing features at low cost. Android has its own marketplace that provides large number of Apps and games.Android is an open source and developer developed huge number of different apps. But we always worried about its security because there are many Apps, contacts, mails and other personal data. Security is very important issue because sometimes we accidentally lose our phone data

1. AppLock

AppLock is one of the most popular Android App available on Google Play Store for free. It provide you the facility to secure your phone Application and data with password. You can only access the Applications if you know the correct password. It also provide the facility of pattern lock to different App with different background colors . It have Approximately 1 million users and support 24 different languages.

android AppLock app

2. SmartLock

SmartLock is another Android Locker which is available on Google Play Store for free. It can lock phone inbuilt App as well as installed Apps. Its media tab show all the media files like audio, video, photos etc allow you to lock them. It can also lock USB storage and phone auto screen rotate. It also provide support for Android Lollipop version.  Approximately 5,000,000 users install this App. It allow both pattern and key lock.

android smartlock app

3. Perfect App Protector

Perfect App Protector is another popular Android App to protect your data and App which is available on Google Play Store for free. We can not delete an App before unlocking it. It also provide a unique feature that make it distinct from another Apps that is Stealth mode. In this mode an App become complete invisible from launcher. It allow you to lock any App with Pattern, Pin or gesture. It can also display fake messages when locked App is launched. Approximately 5,000,000 users install this App.

android Perfect App Protector app

4. Smart App Protector

Smart App Protector is another Popular Android Apps which allow you to lock Gallery and installed phone Apps. It provide simple and easy to use interface. It is available on Google Play Store for free. You can lock the Apps with pattern, Pin and gesture. This App monitor unlocking the of Apps and on failed capture the screen shot of intruder. Approximately 7,000,000 users install this App. It also allow lock App using multiple passwords.
android Smart App Protector app

5. Vision App Locker

Vision App Locker is popular and smart Android Application that is available on Google Playstore for free. This App locker provide a smart feature that make it distinct from other locker. We can use our face us a password to unlock any App. You are also required to provide a password in case of face recognition failure. It support both pattern and pin lock . We can lock Gallery and other inbuilt phone Apps, installed Apps.  Approximately 1000,000 users install this App.

android vision App Locker

6. Safe Gallery

Safe Gallery is another Popular Android App which allow you to protect your Gallery App and Gallery media files. It is available on Google Play Store for free. With help of this App we can manage this Gallery and it allow to protect our data with Pin, Pattern etc. It allow simple and attractive interface. It support 4 languages including English. You do not need to worry about your data with the help of this App.

android Safe Gallery app

7. Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is another Android locker which is available on Google Play Store for free. It also Support stealth mode that is you can hide a launch icon. We can share picture with Gallery Lock to any other App. It also support cloud backup to Google drive, dropbox etc. It allow the three attempt to open the Gallery after three failure it capture the image of Attacker. Approximately 10,000,000 users download this App.

download android Gallery Lock app
android Gallery Lock app

8. Secure Gallery

Secure Gallery is an awesome Gallery locking App which is available on Google Play Store for free. It can hide picture and videos in the Gallery. It provide attractive and user friendly interface. It also support the stealth mode. It provide easy Gallery management. We can change the background of Gallery. It also provide image viewer and slide show for images. It support both pattern and Pin lock. Approximately 5,000,000 users download this App.

android Secure Gallery app



8 Best Apps & Gallery Locker App For Android In 2015 :So these are few best apps and gallery lockers for android. I hope you like this list in case we miss any best app and gallery locker app then must share it with us in comments.