Best 10 Ways to Make Money Online in 2015


Best 10 Ways to Make Money Online in 2015  : Today we are here to share you about online earnning,as you know everyone want to get money by some using own skill,and everyone has own different skill some of them web devolopement and some of them advertising, so today we will discuss you 10 unique way to earn i hope you will choice one of them to earn money 100 t0 1000$ take a look below.


SO,There are some 10 different earning platform to earn much as you know using your skills,The methods which I have included in this article are all working which you can use to support your expenses and start getting some hard core money from your online time.

1- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingThe Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way which is being used nowadays. It is most trusted and most awesome way to convert your online time into real money making business.

Affiliate Marketing is about selling goods or services of companies or retailers and on each sell you get commission. Let me elaborate it more for you, you need to search for product or service which you think can be easily bought by people and then you will get an affiliate link for that particular product or service and then you need to start promoting that link.

And, ones anybody buys product or service from your affiliate link then you get paid.

Which Sites to Refer for Affiliate Marketing? 

You must be thinking that from where to find such sites from where you can get product or services to promote in order to start earning commissions.

Which Platforms to Use to Promote Products or Services?

This query may also strike in your mind which is the most important one and let me share some of the methods to promote your product or services.

  • Blogs.
  • Facebook Advertisements.
  • Facebook Group Posting, Google + Sharing and other social media sharing.
  • Local Approach.

2- Freelancing – Earn $500 – $1000

FreelancingAnother most desiring and famous method of making money online is going for freelancing. The Freelancing is process of making money by freelance or by offering your skill in return of some money.

If you have any skills like; SEO, SMO, content writing, Image Editing, Graphics Designing, Video Editing or any other skill then you can go for this method and can easily earn from $500 to $1000. You can use the following sites to start your Freelancing business from your home.

You simply need to create an account on any of the above site and then start selling your skills. Or else, you can approach the experts and entrepreneur using social media and request for proposal to them.

3- Start a Blog – $100 – unlimited zeros!

BloggingYes, you get it right it can give you $100 to unlimited zeros. It is one of the best way of making money online and keep increasing your money with every passing second. It is the serious business which require time and dedication.

You can start your blog after mastering the Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Article Writing and ones you’ve all these skills then use any of the below platform to start your blog;

  • WordPress (Most Preferable)
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr

4- Create List Article – Make $100/list

List ArticlesThis is another unique way of making money online. If you are good at writing list articles like; Top 10 games, top 10 apps, etc. Then this method is for you. If you think you can easily write appealing, error-free, unique, optimized and catchy list then you’ll be paid $100 for each list article.

The site which allows you to submit such list article is known as Listverse. You need to sign up there and submit your list article to them and ones it is accepted then you’ll be paid $100. You can create list on the following categories in Listverse.

  • Bizarre
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Society
  • Science

5- Start Teaching Online

UdemyIf you are good at any skill and you also have teaching skills then you can also also start teaching online. You first need to master any of the course like; Programming, Networking etc. And, after that you can start teaching it to students from across the globe using Udemy or Skillshare.

You can earn up to 100 of dollars, your earning totally depends on your skills. The more you know, the more you will earn. So, give try to these sites to start converting your site into real money.

6- Forex Trading – Million Dollar Work!

Forex TradingHere let me talk about some serious business which you can start right from your living room. This needs a lot of skills and risk but don’t worry you can use BabyPips to learn Forex from 0 to 100%. After all, “Real Business Do Carry Risks along with them”.

Basically, Forex Trading is buying and selling of different currencies opposite another currency and ones the currency rises in international markets then you get profit or loss accordingly. However, you need to invest some money initially in order to start making money from this method.

You can use following platforms to start your Forex trading. These platforms also offers demo accounts in which you can practice Forex Trading with fake money and real market before playing with real money.

Caution: Do Not Try without learning, High RISK of loosing Money without knowledge.

7- Work as Virtual Call Center Agent – Earn $7 – $14/hour

Call Center AgentThe most favorite job for students and now it has come right to your living rooms. You can perform the call center job right from your living room and you will be paid $7 to $14 for an hour. For that, you need to go toLiveops agent and apply for job there.

You will require to fill the application form to apply for the job. Moreover, you will require to pay your criminal background checking fee which is around $30, and then you will be hired. You don’t need to worry that how to work and all, as you will be trained by professionals before going live.

I have personally cross-checked this method and read different positive reviews about it and then I decided to add this here for you guys.

8- Design and Earn

DesigningAnother most trending online earning method which is by designing your tee-shirt and earn on every sell. If you think that you can design unique, stylish and funky T-shirts then you should try Custom T-shirts. You will not require to pay even a single penny, you are only suppose to give design to the T-shirt and the company will create them for you. If anybody will buy your designed t-shirt then you’ll get commission.

You are supposed to drive traffic to your designed T-shirts no matter organic or paid in order to increase the chances of your sells and start earning at greater extent.

9- Domain Flipping

Domain FlippingThis is another interactive and awesome way of making money online. In this method you purchase domains for smaller price and then sell it for bit higher price to earn profit on your each sell.

Let me elaborate it more for you guys, you actually need to buy the deleted and ranked domains. You can get the huge list of deleted and ranked domains on Just Dropped and then create a niche for sometime to make that domain active again simply work on that domain for some time (around a week) and then auction that domain in any of the below site;

You can grab handsome $$$ by auctioning your domain.

10- Create and Sell Facebook Pages

Facebook PagesThe last method which I have added for making money online is by creating Facebook pages. You need to create unique and catchy Facebook pages and then start posting, after that try to increase your page likes and ones you get enough likes (30K or above) for your page then find a client to sell it.

I would recommend you to use Social media to search for clients or you may use Fiverr to sell your Facebook pages it will definitely work. You can easily earn hundred of dollars by buying and selling Facebook pages


Best 10 Ways to Make Money Online in 2015 : Its all about online earnning with 10 different ways i hope you will like this article so if you have any query regarding article ask me freely by comments below and don’t forget to share this post to your friernds