Best 6 Screen Sharing & Remote Desktop Software Free – 2015 – DOSTIFUN – THE SAFE & USEFULL TRICKS & TIPS

Screen Sharing & Remote Desktop Software Apps

As Everyone knows hacking mean any one can hack  your computer and driver himself but there are some legal softwares which can use as your study assignment and combine studies,so here you are present Remote desktop access is called controlling the another person’s PC or device through remote desktop connection. Remote desktop also refers to an software which allows the user to interact with another computer’s desktop and do anything through remote access. It is a client/server model in which there is one client PC which connects to the another client’s PC with the help of host (called third party software) through the internet and you can manage or access the computer which are placed on different location far from you. Like if your any family person lives in different place which is far from you and they have some kind of software problem in their computer and want your help So you can help them with the help remote desktop & screen sharing software,

While solving the problem you can feel that you are sitting in front of their PC because remote desktop access let you all the authorities of another person computer, you can manage their computer files, programs and helping them to solve their problems without going out your friend’s home. Remote desktop also help in business purposes for online meetings or sometimes you have to manage lots of computers in your company or solve your clients problem, so you cannot manage particular computer by  because it takes lots of time of yours to go to the particular computer and solves problem but with the help of remote desktop you can get your access your clients PC and solve their problems by siting only at one place.
Best 6 Screen Sharing & Remote Desktop Software Free – 2015 – DOSTIFUN – THE SAFE & USEFULL TRICKS & TIPS


#1 Team Viewer


Team Viewer is best, popular and one of the free for non-commercial use and is all in one software which can help you manage online meetings and can get access to your partner’s PC. It takes only few seconds to connect any PC or server. You can get access to your office computer from home or can also access your application and data. Team Viewer gives you different packages, for online meetings you can add up to 25 participants. you can boost your products sales by giving online presentations.

Team Viewer

#2 Mikogo

Mikogo is 100% browser based tool which helps to set up online meetings. It is free for non-commercial use and for business purposes provides different plans you can check on their website. Mikogo is an powerful and great online meeting software for set up online conferences and for online presentations. Large number of companies use mikogo for their business purposes. It is a cross platform software and you can set up meeting up to with 25 participants.

#3 Join.Me is an free, simple screen sharing software with the help of this you can manage online meeting and can share your partner’s screen. They have different plans for business user’s. For non-commercial use it is free. You can keep record of your meetings so you can share later with other participants. You can also download mobile app and take meetings where ever you are on road, on home etc.

#4 Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is an easily way to share a remote desktop over the internet. You don’t have to download any software just download 0.5mb tiny exe file and click on it after open it fill session ID and password and you can connect with your partner’s computer. You can also voice chat with your partner and relatives or you can send and share large number of data through Ammyy Admin. It is a free software for remote desktop connection
Ammyy Admin

#5 LiteManager

LiteManager is an remote access software which helps to connect with your partner’s computer and set up online meetings. In free version you can you can manage up to 30 computers. You can do tesxt chat, audio and video chat with your remote desktop. You can also download trial version for 30 days as well as free version for basic purposes. It is mainly designed for system administrators. It is a reliable, convenient and fast software and you can use easily.


#6 Screenleap


Screen leap is free and reliable software for screen sharing. For free use you can share your screen only 1/2 hours per day with maximum 8 participants. It is a quick and easy software just download it and create a session then fill session ID and password after it you can easily share your partner ID with in few seconds.


These are 6 best screen sharing remote connection based online software for PC and laptop. These are based on our research so if you have any best software for screen sharing which is missing in the list just leave your comment we will check and update it in the list soon. Don’t forget share it with others.