Best Android Apps To Transfer Files with Wifi With High Speed


Best Android Apps To Transfer Files with Wifi With High Speed : Today we ‘re here to share you about android apps for transfer files by wifi with high quality speed,usually we transfer files and folder by wifi to android device to another device so we face very low transfer speed from both of sides so i have solution for fastest sharing android apps for you,


#1 HitcherNet

This is one of the best app that can transfer you files from android to android over wifi direct with a very high speed.
You just need to indstall the app and then select the files that you want to share to other android device. And your prefrence device will automatically get remebered in this app. So must try out this app in your android and feel the high speed file transfer experience.

#2 Xender

As today most of the android users and even iphone users are familiar with this app. As this is the only app that let you to transfer files from android to android and from iphone to android too. The file transfer spped of this app is quite good than all other apps. You can share multiple files with multiple users using this app. So must try out this app.

#3 Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

This is one of the Best Android Apps To Transfer Files Over Wifi With High Speed. With this app sending file anywhere becomes easy and this app allows instant file transfer with an ease. For transferring file, you just need a 6-digit key to pair devices. No Sign Up or Log In required in this app and just pair device and send data with fast speed.

#4 WifiDroid – Wifi File Transfer 

This is also the best app that you can use to transfer files over wifi direct with a very high spoeed data transfer. In
this app again you need a pairing between devices and then you can transfer files even in Gbs with a very high tranfer rate. So install the app and enjoy the fast file transfer between our android devices.

#5 Shareit

This is again very popular app that is available for both PC and smartphones. And using this app you can even transfer files from android to PC or vice versa with a very high speed transfer. You can send multiple files at a time and the pairing process is also quite simple and easy than other apps.

#6 Wireless File Transfer Pro

This app is an advanced version of Wireless File Transfer that comes with remarkable features likeThumbnails/List view, Wireless apk installation, File management, App management, Search, and lots more that you will get to know after installing this app in your android.

#7 Superbeam 

This is again one of the best and my favorite app that let users to transfer files from one android device to another. And also best work with the device that don’t have inbuilt wifi direct feature. USing this app you can send multiple large files with a single click over wifi b/w your android devices.

#8 Wifi Share

The working of this app is again similar to its name, as in this app you can easily share files over the wifi of two device with high rate than no other way can give. So musr try this app in your android device.

#9 Fast File Transfer

This app is alo for transferring files between device but slightly from the different way from other apps Fast File Transfer application is one of the remarkable android applications that enhance speed of Bluetooth Up to 17x. And with that you can enjoy the high speed file transfer.

#10 Wifi Shoot

This cool free app will let you to share files from one android to another at the shooting speed as the name reflest that is with a very fast rate. So must try out this app in your android device.


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