Best Android Music Player 2015 TIPS AND TRICKS


Best Android Music Player 2015 TIPS AND TRICKS – Today we are bringing  for you best android music player for your entertainment We all love to play music on our android. As music always becomes our partner either we are alone or we are with our friends. Music always refresh us. Music player is a program which reads the music file and play it on our phone. Many of android user uses only default music palyers to play music.

But i think these music players are quite boring as many of them do not support equalizer balance and much more feature which we can have by using third party music player apps. So in this post i will tell you the Best Android Music Player 2015. By using these music player you will have a very unique music streaming experience in your android phone.

Below i have listed Best Android Music Player 2015. These players are selected according to their download rate ,user ratings ,user reviews and some of my personal experience with them.

#1 Poweramp Music Player

This the most popular Android Music Player 2015. This app provides a very attractive features like a ten bang equalizer to control the music balances and also we can add lyrics in the song screen. we can set the theme in these player according to our own choice.It is compatible with many audio formats .

#2 Google Play Music

This is one of the best and my favorite Android music player designed by Google. This Music Player has very positive user ratings . Look wise this player is aweseome and we can easily find any song through this app.The main feature of this player is that our playlist and songs are sync with our account so we can easily access music over multiple devices.

#3 n7player Music Player

This is aan another example of Best Android Music Player 2015. In this the user-interface of the music player is presented as a “tag cloud” with the artist or song name appearing on your screen in an almost scrapbook look and also lyrics can be generated through internet.This music player comes with it own equalizer settings.

#4 PlayerPro Music Player

This is very unique Android Music Player as it have many themes ,skins and customizable design and by this we can set it according to our wish.This app comes with lock screen acess feature by which you can esily access musicc streaming in your locked screen of android.

#5 Rocket Player

This is also a Best Android Music Player 2015. This player is feature-rich underdog which competes against some of the bigger names. With various templates and themes that you can download, Rocket Music Player gives you a bunch of options to play around with in an ad-free environment on your android device.

So Above are the Best Android Music Player 2015. These music player will definately give you a better music streaming experience than you boring default players . Also you can customize the looks og these music players and can make your android look cool while playing music in your friends or natives.


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