Best Android Spy Apps 2015


Best Android Spy Apps 2015 : i am going to share Android Spy Apps 2015 : Android device is very smart and intelligent. About 60-70% mobile user are using android platform  and this Os provides lots of features as compared to other operating system. We can fully customize our android for our use. Now a days it is taking place of laptops and pc. Now lets have a look on Android Spy Apps 2015

Android Spy Apps 2015 – Dostifun

List of All Best Android Spy Apps 2015 :-

#1 Spy Camera OS

This app allow users to capture images secretly. This app provide a smart way to shoot photos with an invisible camera so people wouldn’t notice that you are taking pictures of them . Also every sounds and flash etc get disabled in this app.

#2 Ear Spy

This is an awesome app to record even low voices.By this app you can place your phone in onther room and can listen the voices of that room by your bluetooth handset. This app actually records the sound and then amlifies its recording and give you the amplified clear voices.

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#3 Ip Cam Viewer

This awesome app allows to remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, CCTV or WebCam from an android device. In its new version you can also get notofication on detecting motion on the device. This app can automatically start recording whenever it detects motion.

#4 Automatic Call Recorder

This an other example of Android Spy Apps 2015. This apps get automatically launched whenever you make or recieve any call. This app records all the conversation b/w speakers and also the surrounding noices of the device in which it is installed.

#5 Monitor Call Sms Location

This is an another good spy app to remotely monitor SMS, Photo, Location, call-logs and many more things on an android devive. This will exact location of the targeted device through an web-portal even if GPS disabled on the target device. The app comes with three-day free trial option.

#6 M-Spy

M-spy android app allows to listen conversation secretly from a place where you kept your android device.Download ans Install the app and set a Set a PIN then put the phone in silent mode and hide the phone where you want to spy. You will send a message to your phone and it will start calling you.

#7 Call Gps Sms Tracker

This app allows you to track or have spy on any android. This app takes spy on Call records, locations of the device and Sms history of an android devive. You can recieve all the data detected by the app on your android device.



Its all about for you i hope you will like this , So these are the best Android Spy Apps 2015 which will convert your android into a spy device and you will feel like a detective by using these spy apps and can monitor calls , sms ,locations and many more things from an Android device. By the correct use of these app you can also solve some great problems.share to your friends