Top 5 Best Apps Get Earthquake Alerts on Android Phone


Top 5 Best Apps Get Earthquake Alerts on Android Phone.: Today we are here most important apps for your Android Phone, Natural disasters cannot come with the alarming warning and we all know that. We need to avail all the possible technological benefits around us in order to be aware of nature’s calamity like the earthquake. Keeping the impact of earthquakes in my mind I am going to list the top 5 Android apps which will help you to get Earthquake Alerts.

Top 5 Best Apps Get Earthquake Alerts on Android Phone
Top 5 Best Apps Get Earthquake Alerts on Android Phone

These apps will let you know about such disasters in advance which will could serve as a first aid for yourselves. We know that disasters are written in fate, but due to such technological advancements, you may save your fate from such drastic effects. So, don’t afraid because today I have come to you best Apps for protecting and alert earthquake I hope you will like this,

Top 5 Best Apps Get Earthquake Alerts on Android Phone

So, here you are going to learn that “How to get Earthquake attacks on Android phone?” These apps are really going to help you. I have listed only the most trusted and best apps, so you may choose any of the below one according to your preferences.

Get to the apps;

Earthquake Alerts Tracker

The Earthquake Alerts Tracker let you track the earthquake occurrence across the globe. It keeps on giving you notifications according to your set preferences. When you set certain settings for this app, then you’ll be receiving notifications on the basis of your settings.

It has very friendly and easy to understand interface. You can choose temple from 3 Holo themes. You need to set the magnitude for your alerts and on that basis, you’ll be receiving the alerts. If you want to get this app for your Android app, then get it from Here.

Earthquake Alert!

The Earthquake Alert another app which you may grab from receiving the earthquake alerts around you. You can receive alerts of the earthquake from all over the world. You need to set the magnitude and then can easily start receiving the alerts of your set country.

It also gives you the latest quakes of the world. It gives you a map which helps you to check for the magnitude of the quake. If you want to get this app for your phone too then Click Here to grab it.

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Earthquake Notifier

The Earthquake Notifier notifies you whenever any quake takes place in the world. It gives you real-time notifications. This app allows you to custom filter your notifications in terms of time, distance and magnitude. It gives you the complete information about earthquakes. Additionally, it lets you view the earthquakes which took place in last 24 hours, 48 hours or 7 days. If you want to get this app then grab it from Here.

Earthquake Like

The Earthquake Lite is one of the best apps which let you get notifications of the quake in real time. It is very much prominent due to its awesome service. It gives you live USGS data, International data, detailed maps and detailed screenshots. You can easily sort the information in terms of distance, location, magnitude and time. You can easily get this app from Google Play Store. To get directly to the download Click Here.

Latest Quakes

The Latest Quakes is the last app in our list which could be used for receiving the earthquakes alerts or news. It let you receive the occurrence of quakes across the globe. You can easily check out the report of up to 7 days old quake. You can filter the quakes by magnitude, date and distance.

Additionally, it gives you the complete details of earthquake including; depth, time, location, distance and magnitude along with that it gives you shaking intensity. Furthermore, the alerts and notifications are expected in some days and that is the reason that I have added it to number 5. If you want to get this app then grab it from Here.


It’s all about you I hope you will like this article so, This was all which I have got for you today. I am sure that these apps can help you to get earthquake attacks on Android phones. I would emphasise you to share this list with all your nears and dears. Since you may never know that you share may be proven helpful for any of the upcoming victim. So, do share it for the cause of humanity and for saving precious lives. Top 5 Apps  get Earthquake Alerts on Android Phone.