Best Smarter SEO Tips and Tricks to Rank Apps on Search Engines


Best Smarter SEO Tips and Tricks to Rank Apps on Search Engines : SEO mean The Search Engine Optimization is prime aspect which is required to rank any stuffs on search engines. However, the SEO of content, apps and products are different from one another.there also involvement sitemaps, webmaster tools, You need to apply different sort tactics for different kinds.

We have shared about the SEO of content many times and today we are going to share top 7 smarter SEO tips and tricks to rank Android, iOS, Blackberry and Samsung’s apps on Search Engines. Since, we know that ones the app is ranked then it’ll be downloaded for many times which will ultimately help the developer to make some hard core money through it. Additionally, remember one thing that you need to wait for sometimes until it pays off.

As many of you know that ranking something on search takes time and you are supposed to wait and have complete patience until you start receiving the results. The tricks which are listed below are tested and 100% workable, apply them from your side and wait for the awesome results.

Top 7 Smarter SEO Tips and Tricks to Rank Apps

So, here are the tricks which you are supposed to follow in order to rank apps on search engines. You are recommended to apply the tricks carefully in order to avoid any kind of error or lapse and then wait for sometimes to avail the complete results out of it.

1- Choose Optimized App Name

The App name matters a lot, you need to choose catchy and optimized name for your app. On the basis of keyword research you can get the most optimized app. However, don’t forget to choose the relative title, irrelevant optimized app name will not help you to rank at all.

Additionally, do use the brand name in your app’s name, it could be proven helpful to rank in the search engines and do take care of the length of app name. As too many words in app name does not put a positive impact at all. Mostly, the app name should be of 1 to 2 words, but you may take it to 3. So, this proves the significance of app name and you should take of this section.

2- Write Catchy and SEO Friendly Description

The App description is another factor which you are supposed to take care of here in optimizing it. You are supposed to target the main keyword and sub keywords in the search description of your app, but do take care of the meaning too. You need to make it catchy yet optimized.

The search description of your app should defined, optimized, informative and unique in order to make it appealing. The users mostly read the search description of apps, so try to describe each and every thing about your app in order to help both users and search engines.

3- Add Images and Trailers

This is the most professional way of optimizing your app. You might have seen many professional developers using screenshots and trailers of their app, they actually are trying to rank there app as these both stuffs have been proven really helpful to rank any app in search engines.

You are supposed to take care of the quality of your images and videos. It should be complete high quality and try to make them unique and appealing too. So, from today’s onward get the images, trailers and icons of your app too seriously as they carry weight in SEO.

4- Select Right App Category

The Category plays a crucial role in the SEO of apps. It will help the search engines to categorize your app in certain field. Therefore, you are required to select the most appropriate yet relevant category for your app. There may two or more categories for your app, but you need to select the category with low competition ratio in order to rank quickly. So, select the most appropriate category with less competition.

The tags are another SEO aspect which stick to your app’s optimization. You are supposed to add the most searchable and low competition relevant tags for your apps. The tags can be proven helpful to rank your app, that is why we are recommending you to add tags with your app.

6- Friendly URL

The URL is really an important factor which is supposed to be care. You need to add the main keyword of your in the URL of app which is an friendly SEO practice and justifies the app’s optimization. You need to use the simple and straight words in your URL structure and avoid using special characters. Additionally, remember to edit the automatically created URL by yourself in order to remove any excess of words.

7- Ask for Reviews

The search engines also include the reviews factor while ranking. Therefore, we have added this trick here which would definitely help you to rank. You should ask your readers to write a short and clean review about your app in order to build an authority. Initially, you may ask your readers and ones your app is on top then you’ll be receiving the genuine reviews of your users for sure.


Its all about you i hope you will like it ,These are some best SEO tips and tricks to rank Apps on search engines. We are sure that this guide would have been proven helpful for many of the users out there. If you have any kind of question or confusion left then do let me know. We shall get back to your queries and questions as soon as possible. Till then don’t forget to share it with your other friends and circle too. Your shares may be proven helpful for many of the users out there.specially social network like facebook,twitter,and many more