Best tips and tricks for Clash of Clans iPhone, iPad and Android

Best tips and tricks for Clash of Clans iPhone, iPad and Android
Clash of Clans is an addictive game of strategy Super cell developer available for iPhone, iPad and Android, which was recognized as the best game of 2012 in App Store and is also the most revenue generated in 2013 in the store for apps Apple and finally a few months ago can be enjoyed by Android users. Below are a few tips and tricks that will help you.
Before you start, be warned that if you have not yet begun to play Clash of Clans, before we think about it twice because then you can not stop and laugh at the time you have dedicated to Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds …In this game, type Age of Empires or Total Conquest, you have to build your village and create or join a clan with your army to battle players from around the world. The following tips and tricks will be helpful:

Do not waste your gems uncontrolled

At first you hold 500 gems. While you finish your building permit and build your armies without waiting , we recommend you to be patient and not spend uncontrollably. Then you ‘ll miss . However, your loot gems will grow gradually to achieve new accomplishments or obstacles clean your village among other things. Like money in real life , better save because at some point you’ll need . By the way, the opponents you can steal gold and elixir, but no gems.

The more builders, best

You can have up to 5, but are expensive. Most players have an average level two from our own experience , we assure you that it will be worth 500 gems expend those that are not so easily have patience in a third constructor. But on a fourth and a fifth if you have the chance . As your village grows and your builders are busy for days, less ye shall have more to grow faster.

Looting , the best resource

Please, do not want anyone to imitate guys like Barcenas or Urdangarín … but check that the looting of other villages is the first resource , even ahead of gold mines and collectors elixir the highest level.

It is not always necessary to destroy the village and leave it as clear if not lived there or a ghost. Once you acquire some skill and have your own well defended village , you’ll see how easy it is to get rich in no time with your elves and good attacks on rival portfolio . Maybe lose the battle and that you deducted points Leagues players, but you’ll leave with pockets full of gold and elixir to which certainly know take very good advantage in your own town .

Upgrade your City Hall, but do not forget the Castle

Improve the City is allowing you to have a growing village , with more resources and improve the levels of many of your buildings . It is perhaps most important, but …

Do not forget to also rebuild the castle . Without it , you can not create your own clan or join to some friend . So even though the initial cost is 40,000 gold coins and you feel that you can get more in other things , you’ll see how it’s worth having a few extra defenses in your lair and get help when you need it .

Castle Level 1 lets you enter up a troop of 10 units, level 2 Castillo, up to 15 units , and various improvements go gradually expand the capacity of your castle.
Best tips and tricks for Clash of Clans iPhone, iPad and Android
Plan your village improvements

Gold mines and collectors elixir not occur while they are being improved by builders to upload your level and the reform has been completed.

Your defenses ( guns , mortars, archers towers , pumps, etc. . ) Will not work while they are being upgraded , so you should keep it in mind and try to do as a shield or possess ‘re playing and you can not be attacked.

On the contrary, your hosts camps , the castle of the clan, or stores of gold and elixir do maintain their functions while the constructor you the improvement.

Improvements in your buildings and weapons can be canceled , but will return only half of what it cost you to implement them.

If you’re new to the game, you can also take a look at the following video tutorial on getting started in Clash of Clans .