Best Ways to Monetize A Blog Or Website

Your blog Without Google AdSense?. I present Other Alternatives To monetize, advertise as good or very similar to the system Google AdSense: Infolinks, Kontera, Amazon, BuySellAds, Text Link Ads, Clicksor, Qadabra, Adversal, Chitika, They may be different but they work to make money website.
Best Ways to Monetize A Blog Or Website – Dostifun Tricks And Tips 
 As we see it is possible because there are other sources of income. “Sometime we can have our blog without monetizing and this divided to several reasons, among them may be non-approval by Google from our AdSense account or suspend it for any wrongdoing or error because they are very rigid with their policies and accept no violations or practices that are contrary or just the blog is not meant to be monetized with Google AdSense.
Other Ways to Monetize A Blog Or Website
1 – A very good alternative is to put ads for other companies that specialize in the subject, is the same system but more personalized where you will choose the ad to place on your blog and the payment is click and commissions per sale depending on the type Affiliate. It is best to combine several types of monetization systems thus if you have AdSense also includes other advertising campaign that choosing the best results.
2 – In addition you can monetize a blog to promote third-party products as an affiliate, some choose to ask for donations, if you are an expert on a topic in particular can offer paid subscriptions for users to obtain privileged information not available free elsewhere, it is necessary to be a true authority in your industry or niche.
3 – Selling your own products or services or publicizing local businesses or other businesses as the market niche in which you are working, I learned to Monetize My Blog Without Google AdSense, this is a matter of being creativos.las opportunities are but you have to dip them in the beginning will have to work harder, then passing the true best results with less effort and time.
Top 10 Alternatives To Monetize Your Blog or Website
Below I offer a set of equally good alternatives or at least similar to Google AdSense system. My opinion is that AdSense is the best, but you may well be because I have not tried other advertising. My intention is that if for some reason you do not like advertising Google AdSense or lost by bad practices, you have the opportunity to keep the money with your blog or website. Consider the alternatives:
Monetize With Chitika
Chitika is the most similar to AdSense advertising, lets you customize your ads and can be used with AdSense without any problem. Chitika pays through Paypal at least 10 dlls. According to users and data on the web, this is the best alternative to AdSense. Comments are to Chikita this far above other advertising networks.
Earn Money on Your Blog with Infolinks
Infolinks lets you earn money per click advertising through keywords of what you write is your blog, in a few words will automatically add a hyperlink. But be clear that this is not a program of CPR, and it is possible that initially cost you a bit of work to make profits. Infolinks In pay you via paypal from $ 0.50. From what I could research, this system is recommended for large sites that already have a good and stable level of traffic.
The Clicksor Contextual Advertising
Clicksor is an advertising network that allows you to ad text ads, contextual and emergent. With more than 150,000 pages of work Clicksor, became a good alternative to Google AdSense. Share up to 60% of revenue in terms of advertising (usually generate more pop-up ads) pay via check or Paypal with a minimum of $ 50.
Monetize With Text Link Ads
The Text Link Ads platform, will sell text ads in your website. The ad pricing varies between its Page Rank, Alexa Rank, traffic, social media and everything. The way to pay is via paypal and pay 50%. You must have a minimum of $ 25 in order to collect your winnings. The advantage of this and other platforms is that unlike Google Adsense after paying $ 100, this pay a very low limit.
Earn Money on Your Web Site With Amazon
Amazon as we all know, at least we’re at it, is the biggest online store in the world, if your blog talk about products such as photographic loved, clothing, computers and so anything you can find in the store amazon, then this option would certainly be a good alternative.
The advantage is that amazon lets you put your articles and announcements for every purchase has been generated and the user has come from your blog, Amazon will pay a commission of 5 to 10%. I recommend it if you have good traffic and the aforementioned theme.
Monetize With Kontera
The other form of advertising or monetizing your blog, can be Kontera. It is also a text-based network add, very similar to “Infolinks” but also adds Pop-up ads. Like Google AdSense is a pay per clickthrough so rely on your CTR for you to profit.
Kontera is considered a good choice for blog or small web sites that still do not have a lot of traffic, excellent choice for those who just created your website, you pay through paypal and the best that either has an initial limit, from $ 0.50 your profits will be available to be able to collect
Generate Income With BuySellAds
BuySellAds is an option that allows you to sell advertising space on your website. Pay 75% of income generated, but you must have a high number of visits to your site interested in, otherwise never compared. Payments are done by paypal twice a month, with no initial limit. Good alternative to paying Google AdSense ma’s, but if you have thousands of visitors.
Use Qadabra Advertising Network
Qadabra is very similar to AdSense system offers different ad sizes and have a choice of pop ads. Support international traffic with great rates, and pay by: paypal only must have at least 1 dollar.
Monetize Your Blog With Adversal
Adversal is a great alternative to AdSense, banners and have very good CTR is adapted to obtain the best results for your website. In addition they also have good image ads. This is the Ad network seems to work best for those looking for a replacement for Google AdSense. Another feature is that it works pretty well with other languages. Adversal requires a website with a minimum of 50,000 page views per month, also pay through PayPal.
There are other alternatives that could be mentioned, but we think these are the most recommended. My recommendation is that you are interested in any, to investigate a little more and that way you can make your best choice. Surely you can find negative comments speak scam, fraud, scams, fraud and the like, as they say about Google Adsense if you pay or do, etc.., But hundreds of thousands of bloggers they are using and good results.