Best Weather App For Android 2015 TIPS AND TRICKS


Best Weather App For Android 2015 TIPS AND TRICKS   – Today we are here to share you about android famous weather apps ,Many of us have routine to check the weather daily . As weather channels forcast the weather of current and future days. And many of us set our day schedules after watching he weather of that day. Now days there are many weather forcast channels which had made their app for android and their weather update are directly updated on their apps and by this we can easily judge the weather of a coming day.

2W3hough sometime this data is not accurately corect but it give us a rough idea.So in this post i will tell you the Best Weather App For Android 2015 by which can easily stay updated with latest weather updateson your android device.

Best Weather App For Android 2015

I have selected the below apps on the basis of their channels ratings,user reviews,ratings and personally using some of them.

#1 Accuweather

Accuweather is very popular website for weather updates all over the world. Now the site developers has launched its official app for android. This app give the notifications about everyupdate on weather of our local area ,by tracking our location using Gps. Aslo the weather widget looks very cool on android.

#2 Weatherzone

This is Best Weather App For Android 2015. This app has customizable widgets, weekly forecasts, real-time severe storm warnings, radar and many much more in it. Also this app give very cool widget to our android.

#3 Go Weather

As all android user are familiar with go launcher. The same is Go weather designed By Go organization .This app provides very frequent weather update as compare to all other app.Both paid and free version of this app is available in Google Play Store.This app also come with live wallpaper and many more features in it.

#4 Weather Network Widget

This is an another Best Weather App For Android 2015 . This app provides the floating widget on android screen. Also this app has very popular user ratings.This app also provides a weatherlive videos in it.we can easily judge the future time weather by this app.

#5 Android Weather & Clock Widget

This is an awesome weather app which come with five beautiful widgets which you can easily customize according to the information to be displayed on them. We can also plan events with this app by sharing the weather reports with our friends and family members.

#6 Yahoo Weather App

This is another Best Weather App For Android 2015. This app is designed and published by yahoo. And it have floating widgets feature in it. We can easily set our default locations (even more than one).We can easily stay updated with this cool weather app.

#7 Weather Underground

This app is the self-proclaimed “world’s most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts” and provides frequent weather update in it.In this app users can even give updates on how the weather is in their area, rather relying on what other sources are reporting the weather in it.

#8 Arcus Weather

This is also a best weather app for android .This app have very positive user ratings.In this app weather’s descriptions are nice and detailed, with statements like “light rain through the week, with temperatures falling to 50 degree fahrenheit on Friday,” making it very useful for providing a quick overview over weather.

#9 1Weather

This is a good weather app with cool floating widget over the android screen.This app has real-time and regularly updated weather forecasts for not only your home base, but also anywhere in the world.

#10 WeatherBug

This is best Android Weather app 2015. This app has excels in the design and user interface departement, plus it is able to pin-point the weather forecast not only to your city but to your actual neighbourhood cities too.


its all about you i hope you will like this apps android suite this apps , so above are the Best Weather App For Android 2015 . These apps are very helpful to android user to have a look on next days weather to plan our events or picnic. Also these apps provides a beautiful floating widgets to our android and makes our android screen look cool.Don’t forget to share this post.Also tell us your favorite weather app in comment box below.if you like share to your friends and specially social network like facebook .twitter ,

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