BSNL To Upgrade 2Mbps Broadband Speed


BSNL To Upgrade 2Mbps Broadband Speed : Today we are here to share you about india’s famous internet provider BSNL ,BSNL offers many internet packges in india peoples who can connect with friend and family with fastest internet experience so there is some good new about indian peoples who loves BSNL services so take a look below



BSNL wired broadband users soon is going to get BSNL new plan for which the users will get 2Mbps of speed per second with users existing data plan currently they have which is the speed of 512kb/second, with this new plan, other telecom or Internet service provider will have to do something related this otherwise the data plan could drop.

so this packages onward start from 1 October 2015 so all indian peoples get from 1 October i have seen if other internet provider don’t take serious this packages so may be they will lose their customer think about this and make some strategy about this ,


Gurgoan is the place where this plan were launched as on Monday Morning, the speed has been increased about four times more from the previous plan, this plan could achieve more users and with the recent users demand in internet speed, and as 2Mbps plan for evdo or other service provided by BSNL soon be optimised.

With this new plan other telecom users are somehow bound to do the same, in different state there are different private internet service provider, and they are also be compelled to offer the same rate of speed at lower cost. in last financial year because of mobile portability and lack of other internet service provider internet connections the users are bound to change their connection to other Data provider. Past year 2014 BSNL occur loss Rs. 7,600 because of it customers displacements.

With this step provided by BSNL, the Telecom Communication Minister Mr. Ravi Prasad given an opinion to the media that, Digital India Initiative has begun in India and BSNL has also become a part of this Initiative, however other Telecom service provider has also started their efforts as installing 4G services all over the India the Bharti Airtel. Provider


 BSNL To Upgrade 2Mbps Broadband Speed : Its all about BSNL offers very unique and touching every heart who lives in india, i hope it will best packages then other internet network so use it and connect with your friend and family any good comments below this packages ?