How to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS On Android Phone


Android Mobile is an awesome gadget without any doubt. I know here you are to know How to block unwanted calls on your Android mobile for free. Because daily you get many calls from friends, family etc. I am sure that not all the calls are important. You get some calls from telemarketers, spammers etc which are really annoying!   

So, to stop those calls, now you cane easily block unwanted calls on your Android mobile by using a simple method and by using some apps. Here, we’ve listed some best apps that can block unwanted calls and saves your time.

Manual Method

Manual Method to block calls on your android mobile is different for different mobiles. So, here its not possible to go through all android devices. So, I suggest you to go for the app that can block unwanted calls and SMS.

Apps to Block Unwanted Calls

1- Mr.Number

Mr.Number is a free app that can  block unwanted calls  and messages on any android device.This app has remote look up feature to find unknown number in US.

Some features of Mr.Number

  • Block Call and SMS from specific person and Area.
  • Saves your time by blocking Calls from Tellemarketres and debt Collectors.
  • Reverse look number feature.
  • Report Spam calls and SMS to Other users.

 2- Call Blocker

Call Blocker is another best android app to block unwanted calls. This app is available in free version and paid version too. If you can upgrade to paid version you can get some extra benefits.

  • Block Unwanted Calls and send auto Reply.
  • Protect your SMS and call logs.
  • Back up your Contact to server.So that you cannot lost them.


The Call Control is used by more then 5 million globally to block unwanted calls and SMS. Your mobile rings only when you want. So, this is really an smarter choice to block those annoying and useless calls. Explore more about its features from below list.
  • Block Spammer calls automatically
  • Block Calls from specific area using Area Code.
  • Block text and picture messages
  • 100% Ad free



This was the trick which you may use to block unwanted calls and SMS from different useless sources. We are sure that this would be help your device to have some sigh from such useless calls. If you have any kind of question or confusion left related to this issue then do let us know. We shall get back to your queries and questions as soon as possible. Till then don’t forget to share this guide with your other friends and circle too.

How to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS On Android Phone