How to Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts on OS X Yosemite


The Keyboard Shortcuts are one of the blessings for users as they simplify their work and let them work faster. It simply let you to perform different tasks just by using some sort of shortcuts from your keyboard. Additionally, today we are going to share an awesome and most helpful guide for you guys.

You are going to learn today that, “How to Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts on OS X Yosemite?” Yes, you heard it right, you can, actually; create your own keyboard shortcuts for your conveniences. You can select any appropriate shortcuts for you tasks and can be using that shortcuts while doing some hectic work. Isn’t it awesome?

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Learn-How to Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts on OS X Yosemite

So, here are the steps which are supposed to be followed by you guys in order to make this awesome trick work for yourselves. If you perform different tasks on your Mac and some defaults shortcuts for that task then you can create your own and that thing is only possible for Mac which is running on OS X Yosemite. Now, without taking much time of yours, I would request you to get towards the below steps:

How to Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts on OS X Yosemite – dostifun tricks and tips
  • First of all, Open Spotlight Search on your Mac by pressing Command Key and Spacebar.
  • Ones the Spotlight search is opened, search for Keyboard and click on it.
  • Now, you will have a box of keyboard preferences. You need to Click on Text tab.
  • Then you will have different shortcuts their. You need to Click on + sign in order to create a new shortcut for you work. Now, you need to type an easy to remember shortcut and after that press tab and then give the description for your set shortcut. (You can get the exact idea from the default shortcuts in the same list).
  • Ones you are done with the settings, simply close the menu in order to save the changes.
  • This was it!

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