How to Download Java Apps for Windows PC



The Java Apps were not so famous in this time, as compare to Android, iOS or Windows Apps. However, still they were and are loved by many of the users. Additionally, you all must be very much acquaint with the fact that these apps mostly support Symbian phones, and there must be many users who have left using Symbian phones. Therefore, today we are sharing a guide which will make you learn that, “How to Download Java apps for Windows PC?”

You are supposed to use different emulators in order to download Java Apps for Windows PC. You need to install any of the below emulator and then you can start using these apps right on your Windows PC. The best emulators for such purposes are mentioned below.

1- KE Emulator

The KE Emulator is one of the best Java app emulator which we have tested. KE Emulator right now supports the following API’s

  • Nokia UI 1.1vSamsung 1.0, Sprint 1.0, MIDP 2.0(JSR 18), OpenGL ES(JSR239), WMA 1.0

Here is How you can use this Java Emulator to run your apps on your

  • First Download KE-Emulator
  • After installing KE-Emulator on your Computer
  • You can load your JAVA app by hitting on Midlet
  • And the hit on load JAR to add your app to the emulator.
  • To get the keyboard or controls.
  • And Enjoy your JAVA app!

Note this Java emulator works only for JAR files!

You can also select the device model to run the apps

  • In-order to select the device just go head to the options in the view menu and then select your favorite device to run the apps!
  • KE-Emulator lets you to record your running apps. If you want to use this feature you can just Go to Tools and Hit on Start Recording.

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2- MicroEmulator

This not as flexible as KE-Emulator but if you are facing any problems while using KE-Emulator this will come into handy.The main advantage of this emulator is you can load the Midlets directly from the URL.

To run the Apps on this Emulator

  • Extract the Downloaded Zip folder.
  • And run the Exutable Jar file.
  • And then hit on the File and select the source to load your Midlet.
  • If you are having any problems with screen size resolution with you app, just go head to the “Select Device” in the Option Menu and hit on the “Select Device” and select the “Re-sizable Display”
Note that you need to install Java on your Computer. You can get the Java fromHere.


This was our guide which you may use to download Java apps on Windows PC. If you have any kind of question or confusion left related to this guide then do let me know. We shall get back to your queries and questions as soon as possible. Till then don’t forget to share this guide with your other friends and circle too. Your shares would be proven helpful for many of the users out there. So, keep sharing and liking our content over social media.