Dragon Age 2 PC Game


As you know sony playstation games famous in the world many people shoke to see their  graphics and his story but its success story for who like playstation games to play in pc where we share you today the famous game in pc “DRAGON AGE 2″….To the Origins, BioWare dredging up cubes background to mind their best writers. New ground was invented flag with religious intolerance and racism inherent. Then, when the continent was Thedas concrete, BioWare forgot they invented all that attractive and hit the typical “kill the big bad things” fancy frame on top. Despite its size and surprise, Origen does not make full use of their fascinating world.

Dragon Age 2 PC Game

Dragon Age 2 is doing well. This is another epic RPG, still takes more than 50 hours to complete. He still has a deep complex combat system, and still throw a clearly defined support. But it is also an RPG, which prides itself on its mythology, confident in his purpose to trace the emergence of complete and utter Badass. Do You.

We expect that our heroes RPG experience a gradual process of learning and skills as they discover that ah, better insert the tip of the sword of the enemy. But the first time I held Hawke, who had access to the skills of front-line combat. Surrounded by creatures of darkness on the hill, I killed with energy.

how to play,

you need to play this game graphics card, minimum requirement is 512mb Nvida/ATI 512 and Core i3 processor