Earn credibility and trust from visitors to our blog

Earn credibility and trust from visitors to our blog

Earn credibility and trust from visitors to our blog, is crucial when we started to build an audience who follow us.Some small details and do not take into account, can cause us to lose potential readers. As we do not want that to happen, we must be very careful when writing blog posts.Let’s see what those details that build trust and credibility among our readers, focusing on the content we share are.

1. Be clear on the idea that we expose. In drafting our tickets, we must strive to be clear on the issue we are discussing, and to achieve this, largely, one must know and understand the subject we are dealing with. To do this, you need to tell your best.

Well informed about a topic, and understand at all, do we approach it with more clarity and certainty, same as we will show our readers. Do not forget that everything new that can contribute, add value to your publication.

Investigate important updates that you must take into account, although always choose reliable sources of information.

2. Be objective. When we wrote an entry, sometimes it’s hard not involve feelings, ideologies or personal interests. Avoid if possible intermixing reviews and the fact news.

While people we love advice and / or recommendations lean too for or against something, not to mention all aspects that allow a more complete assessment, you can make the item loses credibility.

If we refer one debatable fact, it is important to sustain reasonable and verifiable arguments, the information you expose.

3. Cite the source. Whenever we use third-party content, because it has allowed us, it is important to cite the source with a link. Thus a reader can find out the source of our news or publication. This will generate confidence in the reader, and if he sees the same content elsewhere, we will of course only “share / disseminate” such content.

4. Add references and more information about a topic. Although it seems that is the same as mention the source, it is not at all. The source is the place where we got the information we are sharing and applies more to news entries kind, though not limited to these. Furthermore, the references are all those sources from which may have derived our entry, or that complement the information we are giving.

We may use references to give the reader more information on the subject of entry, and / or strengthen the content thereof. This also will make a reader can delve into a subject that interest you and provide that information can be verified, among other things.

5. Caring spelling. Sure we are all going out there, an occasional gaffe in spelling. Ideally we had a professional editor to verify the contents but not possible, we must strive to spell words correctly.

If you use the Blogger editor, you can auxiliarte tool that checks spelling, and although not identify any words for them to be rectified, yes it is a big help.

6. Add the date of publication. Some time ago, + My friend who has written several blogs, commented that when he reads a post or input is always fixed at the date of publication, thereby realizes if the input is present or not. He also said that not having it no longer return to the site. Which as readers do that, make much sense, since it is understood that we are in constant change in all areas, and many issues can be affected by updates.

By putting the date, a reader will have a clearer idea of whether or not a publication that can be trusted or may be outdated. There are issues on which we are compelled to do so, especially those in which technology is involved. So habituates date entries;)

7. Be respectful. This refers to how we handle information of third parties and we refer to our publication to review it. Always do it with respect and consideration.

Also, be careful terms or words used in our publications. Recall that the information is available to anyone on the network.

+1 Relax, be yourself. Enjoy the process of creating the entry !. While we must be careful in drawing, do not give too much thought to the matter seeking perfection, since it does not exist. Use common sense and go to the hearing as you would like to head for you.


All these aspects speak for themselves on us and create our image in the blog readers. Win or no credibility and trust, depend on our performance in the blog.