How to Enable and Use Guided Access on iOS Devices


The Guided Access feature of iOS devices let you lock certain area of your iOS device which is really helpful to restrict your child from tapping on menus or certain options. This is really an effective way to block certain area of the screen of your iOS devices.therefore, today you are going to learn that, “How to Enable and Use Guided Access on iOS devices?” The steps and method of using Guided Access is not so difficult and technical as you are getting it. You are supposed to apply the steps with great care in order to avoid certain lapse which may occur, while the steps,

Learn-How to Enable and Use Guided Access on iOS Devices

So, here you are going to learn to enable and use Guided Access on your iOS devices. We have categorized this article into two sections, one is by making you learn to enable it and then to to make you learn to use it for your device. This has been categorized for your conveniences. Now, without taking your time, refer below steps.

Enabling Guided Access

  • First of all, go to Settings and tap on General.
  • Now, you need to tap on Accessibility.
  • Afterwards, under the Learning Section, tap on Guided Access and toggle it to turn it on.
  • After that, tap on Set Passcode and set a Passcode which you can easily remember.
  • Now, toggle Accessibility Shortcut on, to access guided Access.
  • This was it!


Using Guided Access

  • First of all, launch any app or program which you want other to access
  • Now, triple tap the home button to access the Guided Access
  • Afterwards, circle the areas which you want to lock and don’t want others to access them.
  • After that, you need to tap on Options to choose that whether you want to grant access to Volume buttons, Touch Screen, Motion and Sleep/Wake buttons and after selection tap on Done button.
  • Now, tap on Start to start the Guided Access.
  • After that, if any will try to close the app or try to touch the locked areas. Then it will prompt a message to tap then home screen three times, and then it’ll ask to enter the Passcode, which means he/she will not be able to exit that app.
  • This was it!


This was another guide related to iOS devices, we are sure that now you have successfully enabled and learn to use Guided Access on your iOS devices. If you have any kind of question or confusion left then do let us know. We shall try to get back to your queries and questions as soon as possible. Till then don’t forget to share this guide with your other friends and circle too. Your share may be proven helpful for many of the users out there. So, keep on sharing our guides with others.