Top 6 Best Free Anti virus Apps For Android Mobile


Top 6 Best Free Anti virus Apps For Android Mobile.:Android users are increasing day by day. All the major mobile companies like Samsung. HTC, Google nexus. Micromax and lots of other devices are based Android OS. As recently Nokia also releases the first series on Android Phone If don’t know must Nokia first Android Smartphone X. X+. and XL,All this popularity of android devices is just because of android Market which has millions of useful apps. But on the other hand, many Android apps contain unwanted viruses and other malware which may effect your device and data as well. So it better to take precaution to increase your device security. There are number best Anti-virus and Anti-adware apps which protect your device and make it fully secure. Many Anti-virus are paid on Android market but you can also download them if you don’t know then must check how to download Paid Android Apps for free. So Here is list of some best Antivirus Apps for Android.

Top 6 Best Free Anti virus Apps For Android Mobile
Top 6 Best Free Anti virus Apps For Android Mobile

Top 6 Best Free Anti virus Apps For Android Mobile

Avast Anti-Virus

Top 6 Best Free Anti virus Apps For Android Mobile
Top 6 Best Free Anti virus Apps For Android Mobile

Avast is famous security tool for Pc. Tablet. and smartphone as well. Avast has highly rated software on PC and Android app as well. Avast provide better security on all the different devices. In Android mobile app of provide best security suit and also include backup tools for android smartphone and tablet. In Avast Mobile security app contain Anti-thief system, network monitoring, call. and SMS filtering. Avast have both version Free and premium as well.

[ Version:- Freeware/ Premium Price:- $14.99/yr]

Bitdefender Mobile Security

bitdefender-android-antivirusBitdefender is most downloadable Anti-virus on Pc. tablet and Android as well. Bitdefender is one of the biggest competitors for all Anti-virus software companies. It is popular just because of its better facilities and features they provide within their product. In Android Mobile Security app of Bitdefender, it contains malware scanner. Privacy Adviser. Web security,.Anti-thief feature, and Event viewer. Bitdefender is scanned all download apps automatically. These features make Bitdefender top rated Anti-virus apps as compared the others. Bitdefender has Free version for Android devices.
[ Version:- Freeware ]

Kaspersky Anti-virus

kapersky-android-antivirusKaspersky provides Real-time protection. Kaspersky is also famous and most trusted antivirus software for Pc, android devices. Kaspersky is famous just because of solid protection and also they update their Database frequent so that’s why to provide better protection for latest infections. In the mobile app of  Kaspersky. they provide Virus Scanner.anti-thief feature. Alarm function which helps to locate your device location and also malware protection.[version:- Freeware] Mobile Security 2014
norton-android-antivirusAs we Norton is also famous and trusted anti-virus company. For PC or Android, Norton is the best antivirus but as many users may face problem just because Norton is a little bit heavy and use too much Ram. But For good configuration, Hand set Norton is best and suitable Anti-virus. Norton provides best protection with Anti-malware. Anti-thief feature. Backup facility, Web Security. call. and SMS protection which make your device protection just by single SMS in case you lost your device. Norton has both version Freeware and Premium.

[Version:- Freeware/ Premium:- $30/yr]
AVG Anti-virus
avg-android-antivirusAVG the biggest giant of mobile and PC security. I am the user of AVG from last 4 years and find it helpful for PC but note sure about their facilities provided for Smartphone. But here are some best features which listed by AVG and I hope it provides better protection as they provide desktops. AVG provide Anti-thief, Web protection, Device performance guide. In case you lost your device then your can easily locate it with Google Maps. You can also Remotely lock your device and delete your personal Data as well. AVG provide SMS scanning in real time. AVG is freeware for Smartphones.
[Version: Freeware]
 McAfee Security

mcafee-android-antivirusMcAfee provides better protection as compared to many other Anti-virus. McAfee is biggest anti-virus software company it is famous for PC and web protection. Mostly in web surfing and website malware detection McAfee is used by many companies. Anti-virus scanning feature of McAfee is best than many others. McAfee provides two-tier bug protection, Anti-thief and backup features and much more. But the pricing of McAfee is little bit high around $30 per year[Version:Free/ Premium:- $30/yr] Conclusion

I have discussed Top 6 Best Free Anti virus Apps For Android Mobile.:These are few Anti-virus and device privacy protection apps for smartphones. If you know any better which is not listed above don’t forget to share we will definitely update after reviewing your suggestion.