Free Shell Account

Hello, wellcome in free shell provider , Here you can get your own personal shell account on a Linux  for free! The only requirements is that visit our website Http:// daily  and like our facebook page and click on our ads 2 time on different ads  in a days,there are some given steps to follow strictly,and  share your friends

For Example #2


when you will request  for free shell we will trace your ip and shell login ip,you have to give us your ip for our click record,if any client free user did not click continuously 2 days their account shell will be block/ban so follow these instruction strictly

each free user have able to run 3 process on their shell  for example : Unreal/Services/Neostats OR Bopm/psybnc only 3 process allow to run on 1 shell if any one run above 3 process their shell access will remove

Prohibits things,We dont allow these things:

php script,botnet,any illegal softwares

click on Daily bases 2 times on ads and injoy life time free shell access ,its easy way to get shell access on one requrest Email

Note: we have good Shell facilities for U.S.A/UK/CANADA/DE/PARIS/FRANCE

Note : Refer to your Friend And get spaciall Vps Shell

if you agree our these terms and condition so feel free to apply for linux shell account

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free shell account