Google Adsense Supported Languages you use it

Google Adsense supports publishers in many totally different languages. Applications for participation within the program may be for sites with content primarily in:Arabic, French, Polish, Bulgarian, German, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Greek, Romanian, Chinese (traditional), Hebrew, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian, Czech, Italian, Slovak, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, English, Latvian, Thai, Finnish, Lithuanian, Turkish, Norwegian, Ukranian URDU

In addition, Adsense for search is on the market in Indonesian and Vietnamese. These languages don’t seem to be supported for Adsense for content pages.
Google Adsense Supported Languages you use it,GOOGLE ADSENSE LANGUAGES
You can choose your site’s primary language throughout the applying method. If you are approved, AdSense can serve relevant ads to your pages within the applicable language, even though your web site contains multiple supported languages.