Google Launched Fiber Phone 2016


Today we are here to discuss  Google Launched Fiber Phone 2016. The search giant Google currently announced “Fiber cell phone“. and it’s far a brand new way to live always connected thru the internet based cloud service as it’s like having Google Voice in your property. With Fiber telephone, you may make unlimited calls everywhere you need, even it includes worldwide calls as nicely, in only $ 10 in step with the month. This new service from Google brings collectively high-tech capabilities to fixed telephony.

Google Launched Fiber Phone 2016
Google Launched Fiber Phone 2016

1. # Google Launched Fiber Phone 2016

From the Fiber smartphone. you can additionally make it very less difficult and less complicated to get right of entry to all of your voicemails, as the provider will transcribe your voice messages for you and then it’s going to ship them as a textual content or as an electronic mail.

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the search giant Google also claims that if you be part of this carrier “Fiber Mobile phone”.you can have the choice to preserve your old fixed quantity or you may pick out a new one, and you may additionally have the usual features like call waiting, caller identity, emergency services, or even transcription of voicemails to textual content, as we noted earlier.

John Shriver-Blake, product manager at Google stated on the Google blog that “even though mobile phones are main us to the destiny, the cell phone provider continues to be important for lots families.”. John Shriver-Blake additionally brought that “The Landlines can be familiar. reliable and provide splendid provider. however, the era hasn’t continually kept up. That’s why these days, we’re introducing Fiber cell phone as a brand new alternative to help you live related anywhere you are. as a result, Your Fiber telephone variety lives inside the cloud, which means that that you could apply it to almost any smartphone, pill or computer. it is able to ring your landline when you’re home. or your mobile tool whilst you’re on-the-go.”

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So, Google Launched Fiber Phone 2016. :for now, the hunt giant Google determined that the Fiber smartphone could be to be had inside the few parts people marketplace. later Google will amplify its service to different towns where they offer high-velocity internet.