Google launched Voice Guided Turn-by-Turn Gadgets Navigation for Pakistan


Google launched Voice Guided Turn-by-Turn Gadgets Navigation for Pakistan:its good new to all travelers to know google recently introduced Google turn by turn Guide gadgets for Specially for Pakistan,currently its running on BETA version says demo but working very good in Pakistan all location embed in this guided Read,streat,famous places


its good initiative by Google stored locations in this software When in navigation mode, your phone screen will remain lit all the way with voice guidance for any alerts or turns ahead. Voice guidance will also alert you of any real-time events, such as traffic jams or in case you take a wrong

google navigator function different on different countries i have come to know two big country and their google perform function on there below specially UK,USA

  • Dedicated navigation mode
  • Offline navigation (will require you to download specific area offline first)
  • Real-time location update and route determination
  • Search your route for restaurants, petrol stations and etc.
  • Voice guidance system

How Does it Activate in the New Modes

As mentioned above, Google’s improved Maps Navigation is offered for latest version of Google Maps on Android. Simply accept “Google Map Navigation” terms and you are in.12

There are no special requirements for opting in to the new Google Maps navigation mode. Just follow the following:

  1. Search Google Maps for the location you’d like to go to.
  2. Tap the car button (on the bottom right) to see the route.
  3. Finally, tap the navigation button (on the bottom right) to start the navigation mode.


Its all about Google launched Voice Guided Turn-by-Turn Gadgets Navigation for Pakistan : by this article to know google bring updated google maping system in pakistan For the first time, you’ll see a prompt telling you that the Google Maps Navigation is currently in beta and that you should be careful when driving. After that, your phone will enter into the navigation mode as expected.