Hola VPN Selling Your Bandwidth


Hola VPN Selling Your Bandwidth : Today we are here with the discussion on Hola Vpn of Chrome Running On IRC Created with a Trojan (Botnet). Today many of you must be knowing about the chrome extension Hola Better Internet it is type of VPN which you use to bypass block sites or surf anonymously on internet. With this VPN you can actually switch between different servers of different country. But there is a report about this VPN which says that this VPN now is selling user’s bandwidth by changing it from VPN to botnet. Just read out the below to have a complete look on this matter.

Hola better vpn is a extension for google chrome that is available in Google chrome market. And now this extension is using a giant botnet network in it and then selling their user’s bandwidth.

About Botnet Network

A botnet refers to a type of bot running on an IRC network that has been created with a trojan. When an infected computer is on the Internet the bot can then start up an IRC client and connect to an IRC server. The Trojan will also have been coded to make the bot join a certain chat room once it has connected.

Hola Botnet Service

This botnet service of Hola will allow hackers to attacks maliciously on the website. As there are millions of download of this extension so we can think about the users that are using this extension today. As this VPN was free to access but now this is making lots of money through its millions of users by selling their part of bandwidth to the botnet network.

Hola caught in a process of placing ads in the chrome browser and there the exploit of the botnet network was confirmed. This botnet service can make you exposed to the attackers and also slows down you internet surfing as this extension is selling part of your bandwidth without your permission.


So its all about you i hope you will like this so ,At the last there is a simple conclusion that Hola is making money through its user by giving them free virtual private Network service and taking their bandwidth to make money. So now its your choice to use this or not. Hope you like our discussion, don’t forget to share it with your friends to aware them about this extension.