How To Add Floating Windows Feature In Android


How To Add Floating Windows Feature In Android  :We always bring you latest tricks and tips for your android devices but today something different news Floating windows feature in andoird,this feature for selective model but don’t worry we have a solution to implement all andorid devices easily without any issue this feature can use by some given tips

How To Add Floating Windows Feature In Android 

How To Add Floating Windows Feature In Android

There are some given simple and easy steps for do it easily to use special feature as we discuss already these feature are available for selected devices or model but we will learn you how to use it in your all android devices all model but you have to follow instruction

Steps To Install Floating Windows Using Expose Installer

  1. First of all you need to root an android and for that follow the Rooting Guide.
  2. Now you need three tool that are Xposed InstallerHALO))), Xhallo Floating Windows.
  3. After downloading all the tool install Xposed installer in your android device. And now tap on Install in the framework section.
  4. Now reboot your device and again open the xposed installer app. Go to modules section and there tick on Xhallo Floating Windows.
  5. Install the other two apps that is HALO))) and Xhallo floating windows. Now reboot your device again.
  6. Now open the HALO app and there tap on PIN and then select all the apps that you wish to add in your floating windows. Now tap on start and you will see the apps in notification bar.
  7. That’s it you are one, now you just need to drag and drop app from the notification bar and you are done, now you will see the floating windows in your android like there is selective samsung devices.

Note:- Above apps are not official one and also rooting android voids your warranty and also device may got bricked during the process, so do this at your own risk as we are not responsible for anything misshapen.


How To Add Floating Windows Feature In Android :Its all about implement floating windows feature for all android devices by this above steps you have to just follow properly and proceed and get floating feature in your android however if you face any problem regarding this article ask me freely by comments below, and don’t forget to tell your friends

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How To Add Floating Windows Feature In Android