How To Backup Contacts On Android 2015 TIPS AND TRICKS


How To Backup Contacts On Android 2015 TIPS AND TRICKS : Today we are here to share you for Android user how  to get backup in android phone for Contact numbers, so Today from a wide range of smartphones many of us prefer android platform because it provides lots of user friendly features in it. Now talking about contacts, Contacts are the major part of day to day life. Today about everyone is using cell phones .


There are many methods to backup contacts on Android. Below i have listed best out of them.

#1 Method: Import/Export Contacts From Android

In this method we just have to tap import/Export on our android and all our contacts get backup as a soft copy in our android memory.

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Steps To Import/Export Contacts From Android:-


  1. Open contacts of your android device.
  2. Click on menu button and select Import/Export option from list.
  3. Now Export the contacts to External Sd Card.
  4. Now all contacts will start backing Up on your sd card as a soft copy.

Now connect your device to your computer and copy the Backup file in your computer memory.Now if you lost your contact by any instance you can directly restore all the contacts by the file which you placed in your computer by placing in your sd card and then importing it to any android device.


  1. Open contacts of your android device.
  2. Click on menu and select Import/Export.
  3. Now select import from sd card and select the file which you have exported earlier.

#2 Method: Sync Contacts With Google Gmail Account

In Android device there is a special feature from google that is all your contacts get automatically sync to your gmail account. By this feature it get online backup and restore automatically whenever your contacts get deleted.

Steps to Sync Contacts With Google:-

  1. Firstly you should be logged in with your gmail account in your android.
  2. Now open contacts of your android device.
  3. Select Accounts from it and the select your gmail account and check the contacts backup checkbox.
  4. If the check box is not ticked then ticked it.

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By this all your contacts will backuped with google and if your contacts get lost you just have to login with your googlr account in your android device and all your contacts will be restored in your android device automatically.

#3 Method: Using Contact Backup App

This is a free app which you can download from Google Play Store. By this you can easily backup all contacts as a single file in your android and can restore all the contacts from the same single file with the same app in your Android phone.


Its all About you i hope you will like this tricks and tips by the platfrom ,so By these three methods listed above you can easily Backup Contacts On Android 2015. As Backup of every important things are necessory so backup your contacts today and leave behind the tension of lossing the contacts of your android device. Don’t forget to share the post. Leave a comment below if you face any problem at any step.if you likes this so share to your friends also ,