How To Backup iPhone Contacts 2015 TRICKS AND TIPS


How To Backup iPhone Contacts 2015 TRICKS AND TIPS  :Today i am here to share you how to backup iphone contact 2015 tricks and tips its very major problem while backup for iphone so i have solution for those user who want backup easily,

How To Backup iPhone Contacts 2015

There are many methods to backup contacts on iPhone .Below i have listed best out of them.

Methods To Backup iPhone Contacts 2015 :-

#1 Method: Backup Using iTunes

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Plug in the cable that came with your iPhone into your phone and your personal computer.Ensure that your Windows/Mac Computer contains the iTunes application before you connect your phone to it. Only Use your Apple 30-Pin to USB cable or the Apple Lightning to USB cable that arrived with your iPhone.
  2. Now open itunes application on your computer .
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  4. Now select your phone from the left coloumn in iTunes application.
  5.  Now select the “info” tab at the top of the app. This tab will be between Summary and Apps tab.
  6. Now select “Sync Contacts” option and select it if it is not selected by default.
  7. Now if it says “Your contacts are being synced with your iPhone over the air” this means that you are currently set up for iCloud backup on your iPhine. Now You can either change the setting on your iPhone for manual backup or move on to the next method.
  8. Now return on Summary Page and click on Back Up Now button. Your contacts will get backuped.

By this you can easily backup Iphone Contacts. Repeat this whole procedure within a week to a month. As it will regularily save your contacts on iCloud Backup.

#2 Method: Backup Using iCloud

iClloud Backup is very user friendly feature of Iphones. This provides 5Gb data space tobackup contacts on your iCloud account. Now you can backup contacts of IPhone in this account by following some simple steps listed below:-

  1. Set Up you Apple Id in your Iphone.
  2. Now goto Settings->iCloud.
  3. Now enter your  Apple Id and password in it.
  4. Now select the option “use iCloud“.
  5. Now click on iCloud option and then select Contacts button. Slide the button to on it.
  6. Now go to Storege and Backup option from bottom of iCloud settings.
  7. It will show already backup details . You ca force to backup by clicking “Backup Now“.

By this all your contacts will get by latest date and time.



 Its all about you i hope you will like it and  These tricks will backup your contacts to your iCloud storage and whenever your contacts get deleted your contacts will automatically get sync with iCloud account and all the contacts will get restored.if you satisfied so share to your friends and share in social media like Facebook , twitter , any more ,, ,,

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