How to Block Websites in Windows 7/8 in Chrome and Firefox Easily


Internet is just like a coin, it has both sides one side for Good things and other side is for bad things.These bad things are highly dangerous to Children,As Children are spending most of their time on Internet they are more prone to Bad things, Here are some ways where you can protect your children from potentially bad things onInternet i.e you can block unwanted and harmful sites on your PC and restrict internet.

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Step By Step Procedure to Block a Website

Open DNS:

This is a simple way to block adult content and other harmful content on Internet from your children. OpenDNS blocks harmful content automatically on your computer.When any one from your computer try to access the harmful sites.
This is a simple way for NON Techie Parents, You can configure Open DNS in simple four steps.check them below

Step 1: 

Open Network and Sharing Center and click on Active Connections (From Control panel or by clicking on Network icon from taskbar )

Step 2:

Click on Adapter Settings, Now select your active network connection device. And Right click on active connection and hit on Properties to open the network device properties.
(Here in our case it Local Area connection)

Step 3:

Now select the Internet Protocol version 4 and hit on Properties

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Step 4:

  • Now change the option from “Obtain DNS server address automatically” to “Use the following DNS server addresses”
  • Now enter the following DNS server address “” and “”
  • Save the settings and reconnect to Internet, Now try to open any harmful website from your browser, to check weather it is blocking or not.
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How to Block specific sites on your computer:

Do you want to Block some specific websites on your computer, then you should continue reading this..!!
  • Open your “hosts” with notepad which is located Here “c:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc” and don’t forget to open this file with Administrator privileges.
  • After opening the host file with “Notepad”. Goto last line of the file and add the websites to be blocked on your computer in this format

How to Block Websites in Windows 7/8 in Chrome and Firefox Easily  

  • After adding these lines, you can replace the website address with the specific website address that you want to block on your computer, and save the file.
  • After saving reconnect Internet to take effect in changes, when anyone try to open the blocked website on your computer they will get “Problem loading page” error.
  • And better to create a new user account on your computer with “Standard Account” type, so that members on your computer will not get in any way Administrator rights.