How to Boost and Increase Internet Speed 2015 TRICKS AND TIPS


How to Boost and Increase Internet Speed 2015 TRICKS AND TIPS : I am going to share a trick on How to Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed 2015. today life whether we are at home or at work a fast and efficient Internet is our basic necessity .Slow internet always frustates us. 

Steps  to boost up Internet speed 2015 :-

#1 Method – Limit Reservable Bandwidth

Steps to edit limit reservable bandwith:-

  1. Click on start and type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes) .
  2. Now a Local policy group editor dialog box will open.
  3. Now click on Administrative Template folder at left side in the dialog box.
  4. Now select Network option at the right side of the box.
  5. Now click on Qos packet schedules from the right list under settings.
  6. Double click on the file Limit reservable bandwith.
  7. Now a limit reservable dialog box will appear it will show Not configured by default.
  8. Click on Enable and set the Bandwith limit % from 20 to 0 and click on Ok.

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Thats it you are done this will unallocate or free the reserved bandwith . And you will enjoy high speed boosted internet. This Internet booster trick will increase your internet speed upto 20-30%. Without this bandwith reservation there are many other factors which can slow down your internet speed. These may include an outdated softwares like antivirus and many more background running processes. You can stop such processes by opening task manager(ALT+CTRL+DEL) and ending that process. This will also Boost up and Increase Internet Speed 2015

#2 Method – Manging Cache

Caches are the temporary stored internet data which are used by browsers like Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc to open any site faster after visiting any site. This cache gets store automatically to your computer. Although caches are designed to speed up your internet speed but sometime it can slow down the internet speed when they exceeds beyond the limited size. In that case we have to clear the caches to speed up an internet.

Steps to clear the cache to increase internet speed 2015 :-

  1. Open Internet Explorer and press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE .
  2. Select the Temporary Internet Files , History and Cache data. Clearing history data will help you to stay secure on some hacking attacks. So i recommend to clear them also.
  3. Click on delete.


Its all about you i hope you will injoy this tricks and tips by : platform,These two method will surely increase your internet speed and help you to enjoy the fast internet. Please comment below if you face any problem at any method discussed above. if you like this tips so share to your friends also share in social media and if  you want to update our latest post Via Email notification so subscriber NOW below !

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