How to Bypass AppLock in Android


How to Bypass AppLock in Android : Today we are here to share you About most important thing for everyone,most of the time we have forget our password to log in phone after when password does not correct cause irritating and disturbance ,so as you know Applock is very popular app for android that locks any app for you with a security PIN or Pattern, also this app has millions of downloads. This app is now being used by 70-80% android user. But many few of knows that there are lots of way to Unlock Applock Protected Android app. Also sometime you may forget your applock password or want to access someone’s else app protected with applock. So there is a way with which we are here that is How to Bypass AppLock in Android. 

even you know very well there are many resource to unlock your devices by using apps and other hardware and software ,so this tricks tested 100% worked by : Tricks4ever

How to Bypass AppLock in Android

bypass Applock : By Tricks4ever
bypass Applock : By Tricks4ever

this post i will tell you some methods by which you can Unlock App protected with Applock. The method is very simple and you will implement it easily by just following some simple steps below:

#1 Method :- Uninstalling Applock From Android

  1. The simple and easy way to bypass or disable applock is to completely remove it from your android device.
  2. For this simply long tap on the applock app in the app drawer and then leave it on Uninstall button.
  3. Thats it you are done, now there will be no app lock in your android hence there will be no password protection on any app.

Drawbacks :

This trick fails, when app lock is active for “Install / uninstall” feature. If that is the case, proceed to Method 2. Admin of the phone might know, if you uninstall the app. This is not preferable method.

#2 Method :- Force Stop Applock In Settings

  1. First of all in you android go to Menu -> Settings -> Apps.
  2. Here you will see list of all the apps currently installed on your android device.
  3. Now look out for applock app and tap on it.


  1.  Now click on Force Stop Button there which will temporarily stop the functioning of applock app.



  1.  Thats it you are done, Now you can easily open any app without having applock screen over it.


How to Bypass AppLock in Android. Its all about you i hope youw i ll like this article so With the help of these two simple method you can bypass and applock security in any android device. And its a humble request that don’t misuse this. Hope you like the trick, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you still facing any problem.