How to Check Storage Space on your Mac OS X


How to Check Storage Space on your Mac OS X :Want to Check Storage space on your Mac? Do you want to see the remaining storage space on your Mac? Then in this guide I am going to make you learn about it.Many users are very much concern about their Mac’s storage so they could fill it up accordingly. However, there are many users who are not much acquaint with process or method of checking 4it up. Therefore, I am writing this guide here for you guys.

I have written all the steps which you need to follow to check storage space on your Mac OS X. Simply know more about your remaining storage using this guide.

Check Storage Space on Mac OS X

So, here I have gathered the steps for you which you guys need to follow in order to check storage space from your side. Now without taking your much time I would request you to go through the guide to explore more about it.

  • First of Click on Menu button on your Mac OS X.
  • Then Click on About This Mac.
  • Now, you need to Click on Storage tab.
  • Afterwards, it will give you the complete information about your storage. You’ll have the remaining storage data, complete storage data and a detailed report of consumption.
  • This was about it. Check and then remove all the unnecessary stuffs.


So, it was about checking your storage space on your Mac. I am sure that this trick would help you in future while buying your new Mac OS X or checking the remaining storage on your Mac. If you have any kind of queries left related to this article then do let me know. I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible and will try to answer your all queries.

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