How to Clear App Store Cache and Force Reload [Short Tip]


Is your app store not updating and not showing the latest apps from many days?

Then it is surely a Cache problem and you are supposed to force reload your iOS device in order to update your App store and let app store show you all the recent apps and get rid of all the previous and staled apps.

How to Clear App Store Cache and Force Reload


When your memory is full of Cache then it blocks the updating process of App store and your app store keep on showing you all the old apps. It seems little impossible to force reload your App Store and let it to show you all the latest apps, but actually it is possible and I am going to make you learn today that how to clear app store Cache and force reload it.

 Clear App Store Cache and Force Reload

Here are the steps to be followed in order to clear app store cache and force reload your Apple App store. Now without taking your more time let me take you to the steps;

  • First of all, Launch App Store on your Apple iPhone or iPad.
  • Now you will have different buttons including; Featured, Top Chart, Search Updates, Explore.
  • You need to tap any of the button, Ten Times.
  • Ones you have tapped any of the mentioned button ten times, then App store Cache will be cleared and it will reload your App Store.
  • This was it!

This was our tutorial to make your App store force reload just by short tip. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this tutorial then lend it in comment box. I shall get back to you as soon as possible and will try to resolve your issues.


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