How to Customize Dock of your Mac OS X


How to Customize Dock of your Mac OS X : Today we are here to share you about Dock on your Mac OS X if you Want to give a new look to your Mac’s Dock? Want to Customize your Mac OS X dock? Then in this article I am going to make you learn to customize dock of your Mac OS X. I am sure that must be many Mac users who are very much in need of customizing their Mac’s doc. Since, we get bore by seeing the same stuffs and options again and again. I have observed that users do like variety and  T4E is trying our hard to provide you that variety.

So, if you are the one who want also want to customize dock of your Mac OS X then you can be treated here. Get to the below steps and customize Dock of your Mac.

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Customize Dock of Mac OS X

So, here are the steps for customizing dock of your Mac OS X. You need to go through these steps and can easily change or adjust your Mac’s dock according to your wish. Now, without taking your time I would request you to get towards the steps;

  • First of all, Open Applications folder on your Mac OS X.
  • Now, find out or locate any app which you want to set on your Mac’s dock.
  • Afterwards, Single click on your favorite app and then move it towards dock and ones you leave the click then it will create a shortcut for you.
  • This was it

Delete Apps or Folders from Doc – Extra Tip!

This is the additional trick from my side which will help you to delete the existing or unimportant apps from the Dock, follow these steps for your query;

  • Click on the app on Dock which you want to remove from your Mac’s Dock.
  • Then drag it away from the dock and you’ll have a pop up which will give you a Remove option. Click on it and it will remove that app from your Dock
  • This was it!

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How to Customize Dock of your Mac OS X :this was our guide I am sure you’d have loved this and it would have been proven helpful for you guys. If you have any kind of questions or confusion left related to this article then do lend them in the comment box. I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.

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