How to Double IDM Download Speed on Windows 8 and 7 Tricks And Tips


How to Double IDM Download Speed on Windows 8 and 7 Tricks And Tips :Today we are here to share you about most important speedup downloading manager in the world, there are many download manager offers speed up downloading then others but IDM pull speed and increase downloading speed

I am 100% sure that there would be many users who are still not satisfied with the downloading speed of this download manager. I know it is really annoying that when you are downloading one of your favorite song and it is taking around 20 minutes to get completed.


So, keeping that issue in mind today I am writing a guide which will help you to double IDM download speed on your Windows 8 and 7. This guide is specially designed for those who are simply fed up with that ordinary download pace of IDM.

So friends follow this tutorial and simply 2x IDM speed

How to Double IDM Download Speed on Windows’s

Here are the steps which are going to make you learn to double IDM download speed on your Microsoft Windows 7 or 8. You all must be eager to know the solution so without taking your more time let me take you to the steps;

  • First of all, Open Internet Download Manager on your computer and Click on Downloads from menus.
  • Then you need to go to Speed Limiter and it will be turned off (by default) simply turn it on.


  • Now again go to Downloads and head towards Speed Limiter.
  • Then you need to click on Settings….
  • After that, you will have a pop-up; this pop up will be showing you the default downloading speed of 10 KBs. You can edit this speed as par your internet connection. For example if your internet connection is of 1 MB then increase it to 1000 and then it will be taking the complete internet speed to download that particular file and will boost it dramatically.
  • Remember that if you will be set complete internet speed to downloading speed then you will not be able to browse the internet while the file is being download.


  • Then Click on Save.
  • Now you need to again go to Downloads and then click on Options.
  • Afterwards, you will have a pop-up window, simply click on Connection tab.
  • Select your connection type under Connection Type/Speed. You can select the option from the drop-down menu according to the nature of your connection.


  • After selecting your connection, click on OK button.
  • Now download any file and see the change in speed.
  • This was it!
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How to Double IDM Download Speed on Windows 8 and 7 Tricks And Tips :Its all about IDM download speed up on your all windows i hope you will like this article if you have any question regarding this  article ask me freely by comments below, and don’t forget to tell your friends about this post,

How to Double IDM Download Speed on Windows 8 and 7 Tricks And Tips