How To Fix the 80240020 Windows 10 Installation Error


Fixing the 80240020 Windows 10 Installation Error. Windows 10 is the most latest windows by microsoft and lots of you had already installed this OS in your computer. And some of you might be facing an 80240020 error while installing it in your computer while upgrading your windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10. For those user we are here with solution to solve out this error and enjoy the most amazing OS in your computer today.


Steps To Fix 80240020 Error While Upgrading To Windows 10 :-

  1. With interrupted download file you can’t upgrade your windows to latest windows 10 , so you need to clear previous download file first to get the fixed file again.
  2. So browse to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and clear everything you find there.1
  3. Now this will delete all the files that were creating the error while installing windows.
  4. Now reboot your system.
  5. Now you need to get the Windows 10 file again by downloading it again from the Windows icon from the system tray.1
  6. Done, you will install your windows successful

Final Words

So above is all about How To Fix the 80240020 Windows 10 Installation Error. With the above method you can easily fix out this error and successfully install the windows 10 in your PC. You have to download the file again to upgrade to this amazing windows. Hope you like this cool method to fix windows 10 error. Share with others to that facing the same problem while upgrading to Windows 10.