How To Hide .Exe file Into .Jpg Format


How To Hide .Exe file Into .Jpg Format : Today we are here to share you about Extension .Exe file into .Jpg as you can see in Windows .exe denotes any of the application that is executable in this operating system. Now in your computer you might have many such applications that you might not want to show everyone so without hiding them you have a better option that is using .jpg extension in the place of .exe extension by this no one can judge that the file is an application in your windows. So we are here with How To Hide .Exe file Into .Jpg Format. Yes you can do this with few simple steps that i have discussed below. So proceed with below steps By this method you can fool anyone by sending them keylogger or any malware by converting that .exe file into hidden type jpg format that receiver will think that it is an image file. So the trick is very cool that you can implement from below.


  1. In windows firstly make sure that show hidden files and folder option being checked.
  2. Now create a new folder anywhere you wish, in it paste your application for exp key.exe etc in the folder.
  3. Now click on rename option and rename it with name any name like key.jpeg , with this a warning pop up message will appear.


  1. Just click on Ok button there and the file will get renamed.


5 .Now create a shortcut of this file in the same place the original file exist by copying the orignal file and pasting the shortcut.


6 . Now rename the shortcut with any other name as me.jpeg.

4        7 . Now open the properties of shortcut file that is me.jpeg.

8 . Now make start In field empty there.

9 . In target field paste the address C:WINDOWSsystem32cmd.exe /c key.jpeg in place of key.jpeg you will write the address of file that is not the shortcut one.

5         1o . By this when anyone click on the file me.jpeg the file picture.jpeg will get open as you had changed the target of the file.

     11 . Now change the icon of the me.jpeg with image icon by going to properties->change icon. and pasting %SystemRoot%system32SHELL32.dll there and pressing ok.


              10 . Thats it you can now send these file by compressing them in zip and sending them to anyone in their mails etc.


How To Hide .Exe file Into .Jpg Format  : Its all about you i hope you will like this article so By this method you can easily hide and of the application inside the image and can send them to any of your friend and make them fool with this. Also its the better way to keep your applications safe from any other peson in your computer while sharing it. Hope you like the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends ,