How To Hide SMS On Android to Keep Your Messages Private


How To Hide SMS On Android to Keep Your Messages Private : Today we are here to share you about hide sms on android devices how can you keep your private messages saves,as you know there are many apps available in google apps they offer their services to save your message but SMS are always personal credentials of the respective owner and must be private in your smartphone like android. But these messages are openly access able in android device and even sometime apps like app lock might not that much beneficial to secure this. So to overcome this problem we are here with How To Hide SMS On Android to Keep Your Messages Private. The method is simple and straight and depends on an app that works perfectly for this job and can secure your SMS better that any other app. Other apps doesn’t work on notification area and the incoming message can be seen by anyone.So i will recommend you the app that have more features than other apps. Proceed with some simple steps given below.

Learn – Steps # 

How To Hide SMS On Android

  1.  First of all download and install SMS Lock app  Or Click Here from the Google Play store in your android device.
  2. Now launch the app in your android and you will see the list of messaging apps that is being installed in your android device.There you will also see the google hangout app if you have installed.
  3. 1
  4. Now click on round button and the draw the pattern you want to set to the message app.
  5. 1Now at right corner click on settings button.
  6. Make sure that Notification Bar there is turned on as this will secure your message being read on the notification area.You can also alter the settings according to your wish.1
    1. Thats it you are done, Now your SMS get secured and no one except you can access it.


How To Hide SMS On Android to Keep Your Messages Private. Its all about you i hope you will like this article so By the cool app discussed above you can easily protect your SMS being leaked to other accessing your android. Also you will no need to easily bypass able apps like app lock and endangers your privacy. Hope you like the post, don’t forget to share this with other too to make them aware of this. Leave a comment below if you have any related query with this.