How To Install Kali Linux On Any Android


How To Install Kali Linux On Any Android : Today we are here to share you about Kali Linux on android devices, Kali Linux is very powerful use for hacking And this cool OS can now can get installed on your android too, you must be wonder from this but it is possible, you can install Kali Linux on your android with our complete guide below. So read out the complete post to proceed.


So, there are some given simple and easy tricks to install Kali Linux on android devices easily without any issue,so take a look below,

How To Install Kali Linux On Any Android


  • Fully charged Android
  • Good Internet Connection(For Download Kali Linux images)
  • Rooted Android(Guide To Root Your Android)
  • At least 5GB Of Free Space

Steps To Install Kali Linux On Any Android

  1. First of all download and install Linux Deploy App in your android from the Google Play Store.
  2. Now After downloading and installing it launch the app in your device and there tap on download button116
  3. Now there tap on Distribution option and change it to Kali Linux instead of Linux.
  4. 116
  5. Now scroll up and click on the Install button at the top of  there.
  6. Now wait for the download to complete time taken can be vary depending upon your internet speed.
  7. Now download and install VNC Viewer App in your android from the Play Store.
  8. Now launch the app and fill up the settings as displayed on the screenshot below116
  9. Now click on Connect button there.116
  10. That’s it you are done, Now Kali linux gets installed in your android and you can enjot the dummy hacking environment in your android.


How To Install Kali Linux On Any Android : Its all about Kali Linux install on android in your phone so if you face any problem regarding this article so ask me freely by comments below,