How to Limit audience for Past Posts you have shared on Facebook


Have you shared any of your old Facebook posts with general public and friend of friend? And now you want to make them approachable to your friends only?

Then I have got a SOLUTION!

I am sharing a hot guide which will help you to limit audience for past posts you have shared on Facebook. This is one of the awesome privacy feature of Facebook which will help you to ensure the max security of your account.


It usually happens with us that we share all the posts with public without even knowing the fact that it can be misused so easily. And until we realize our issue we have been posted hundred of such posts and editing the privacy of each post would not be possible at all.

So to overcome this situation, Facebook has shared a security feature which is called limit audience for past posts which will change the privacy setting of all public posts to your friends only. It will not affect the changes of post which you have shared with your friends or specific group of people.

Now after talking more about this feature lets towards the steps.

Limit audience for Past Posts you have shared on Facebook

Here are the steps to be followed in order to apply this awesome feature for your posts as well. Now without taking your more time let me take you to the steps;

  • First of all, Sign in to your account and click on Settings from where you log out your account.
  • Now you will enter the Settings of your Facebook account and you need to click on Privacy.
  • After that, click on Limit Past Posts, and now you will be given some detail about this feature and then click on Limit Old Posts.
  • Now a confirmation will pop-up and you need to confirm it by clicking on Confirm.
  • This was it, now your all past posts will be updated and restricted to your friends only.
  • This was our tutorial which is only shared to protect your privacy utmost. If you have any questions related to this privacy guide then lend your queries in comment, I shall get back to you as soon as possible. 



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