How To Make Your Computer Faster 2015 TIPS AND TRICKS


How To Make Your Computer Faster 2015 TIPS AND TRICKS : Is your pc working slow ? want to speedup your system so i have solution for computer faster 2015 tricks and tips , this tips is working 99% success rate if you follow proper guideline ,

If RAM gets full all the processes will gets slowand ultimately our System gets slow .So to keep the System fast we have to clean this memory by time to time.

How To Make Your Computer Faster 2015 :-

#1 Method : Using External USB (Ready Boost) – How To Make Your Computer Faster 2015

In this System booster method we will use external pendrive to speed up our computer . In this system will use pendrive or usb memory as a RAM.

Steps to Boost Up Your system 2015 :-

  1. Insert your USB or pendrive in your pc port.
  2. Right click on pendrive in Computer and open properties.
  3. Now select ReadyBoost button in properties.
  4. Check the “use this drive” radio button there.
  5. Now select the memory you want to allocate to system for use .
  6. Now click apply the OK.

Thats it now  that usb will work as your extrenal RAM .

Note that system will be boosted or will using your pendrive as a RAM Until you have inserted into your Computer.

#2 Method : Using Memory Cleaner Batch File (System Booster) – How To Make Your Computer Faster 2015

In this method we will create a program in batch coding which will automatically cleans the memory whenever we run it on our desktop. This method is very helpful when your pc gets slow. Just double click on the file and your system will work correctly or get boosted.

Steps To Create A Memory Cleaner Batch File:-

  1. Open notepad and paste the below code in it.
  2. %windir%system32rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks
  3. Save the file as cleaner.bat in your desktop

Now you will see a Clener batch file in your desktop . This file will run the system cleaner when you double click on it.

#3  Method : Cleaning Temporary Files – How To Make Your Computer Faster 2015

In this method we will clean temporary files in our computer.

Steps to Clean Temporary files in your system:-

  1. Click start and type “%temp%”  (without quotes) and press enter.
  2. Now a list temporary files will open.
  3. Now press CTRL+A and then Del buttons of your keyboard .
  4. Now select yes.

By this all your temporary files will we deleted and your system will get boosted.

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Its all about for you i hope you will like this tricks and tips By  these methood you can easily makes your computer fast to executes even large memory processes. Using Pendrive as a External Ram is very helpfull whenever you want to run some heavy processes like playing some high graphics games and running some heavy softwares which can slow down your computer.and share to your friends specially share in social media,and if you want to update our new post so Subscribe Now below


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