How To Protect External Hard Disk Drives With Password


Security is always a first priority for ever user and when its about some personal data then it become more important. And talking about external hard drive disk where you stores lots of personal data that you might not store in your computer. And anyone else can have access to your data that is your data is not at all secure. So time to secure them with your desired password that you can set with the complete guide that we are going to discuss right here. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to protect your external drive with a security password.

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The method below discussed is just base on system settings that will allow you to lock your drive with password without any need of third party tool as the inbuilt feature is there in windows to protect drives and another with a third party tool. Just follow up some simple steps below to proceed.

Steps To Secure Your External Hard Drive With BitLocker:

  1. First of all connect your external hard drive to your Windows Pc and turn it on.
  2. Now click on Start button and then navigate to Control Panel -> Security -> Bitlocker
  3. Open the program and then click on Turn On BitLocker which you get just next to your external hard drive
  4. Now there tick on “Use a Password to Unlock the Drive” option there and the enter a same password in both fields and then click on “Next“.
  5. Now time to save your key somewhere for that click on “Save the Recovery Key to a File,” and then select any location where you want to save your key for future reference.
  6. Now click on save option and the proceed by clicking on next button.
  7. Now click on Start Encryption option and wait for the process to complete and it can take a time to complete depending upon drive size
  8. That’s it you are done, now you drive will always a require a password to access files inside it.

    Steps To Password Protect Your External Drive With StorageCrypt

    1. First of all in your windows PC download and install the tool StorageCrypt.
    2. Now launch the tool and then connect your drive with PC.
    3. Now in the tool select your device to encrypt with password.
    4. Now select quick mode and then protect your drive with your desired password.Encrypt Drive4
    5. Now start the tool and encryption process will start and your drive will now get secure with your set password.