How To Record Screen On Android Without Root 2015 (No Root)


How To Record Screen On Android Without Root 2015 (No Root) : Today we are here to share you about android user how to record screen on android with out root 2015 tricks and tips as you know Today there are more than billions of people that are using android these days. This operating system belongs too google which provides lots of features for its users than any other OS. So here we will be talking one of the best feature of android that you might not know. that is the method for recording the screen in your android, yes it is possible. It is very cool to record the activities performing on your android. Now you can do this by just following the post below.

By recording screen you can track all the activities of your android when you give your android to someone else like your younger brother, sisters or your friends.The method is very simple and straightforward as you need some of the screen recording apps for your android.

Android Screen Recording Apps To Record your Screen Activity

#1 AZ Screen Recorder

This is one of the best android app to record screen in android as in this app there is facility ofanonymous recording by which you can easily record screen and the clips of your front camera without anything displaying on screen. And this app is specially designed for the lollipop version of android.

#2 Rec.

This is an another android app which records the screen activity. This app is freely available and works without root. In this app you have to set the bit rate and file saving path at the very first use. You can even record audio with this app and this app gives you 10 second when you click on ready to make you ready for the recording.

#3 One Shot Screen Recorder

This is actually a paid app that records the screen with the full convenient way for the user. The free trial version of this app is also available but there you will see the watermark at all the videos and there will be ads in the app which is not in the paid version for better user experience.

#4 Shou

This is very popular app that help you to record the android screen easily. Bu this app you canrecord screen with stereo sound, mirror your device screen to any Miracast or AirPlay enabled devices, and you can even take a screen shot simply by shaking your Android device in this app.

#5 Mobizen

This is one of my favorite app to record android screen activities without rooting it. In this app you can record scree, share data b/w computer ann your android and lots of more option that are available in this app. Also this app is freely available in the Google Play Store.


Its all about you i hope you will like this article i have tried to explain in easy, By these apps you can easily tracks all the activity performing on your android. And this may also helps you in some of detective purposes accordingly. Hope you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and tell us your favorite app in the comment box below.and if you wants to update our post via Email so subscribe now below,