How To Restart Android in Safe Mode to solve any problem


How To Restart Android in Safe Mode to solve any problem : As you know Android usage overall the world too much due to their feature and benefits , if we compare with other version iphone and other android has too much high rank due to  to latest apps most of Free But with the time the speed of android get slow , like old androids stuck in between the tasks and mostly user have to remove out the battery to fix it. 


So, Similarly you can boot into safe mode of youer android and can fix out the software related issue in your android device like, uninstalling the app and managing some data that requires fast switching of android. So follow the below steps to boot your android in safe mode and troubleshoot its problems.


  • First of all you need to Power off your android device and after some seconds power it on.
  • Now long press your power off/sleep button of your android.
  • Now you will see options like power off, restart etc long tap on Power off option.
  • Now you will see the hidden safe mode option click on ok.                                                                                                         1
  • Now your device will reboot into safe mode with safe mode written on the corners of scree.
  • Do all your work in fast speed in safe mode, or you can fix out the problems you faced in normal mode.
  • Now to exit from safe mode just power off your device and restart it. Now you will be out of safe mode and get back to normal mode with fix of all problems. 


  • How To Restart Android in Safe Mode to solve any problem : This is the best and easy way to make your slow android run faster and fix out many problems like uninstalling some apps that you can’t do in your slow stucky android. You can also remove viruses from your android in this mode and make your android run faster. Hope you like the discussion, don’t forget to share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries.