How to Send Voice Messages Recorded on Whatsapp


Today we are here to share you about How to Send Voice Messages Recorded on Whatsapp :as you know very well Whatsapp app provides us to chat with our friends and family as well as we can send picture,Video,and voice recording these facilities only have in whatsapp feature so today i ll learn you how can we send vocie recorder message to your friends easily,

How To Send Recorded Voice Messages On WhatsApp

So, There are some whatsapp feature how to send voice message on whatsapp easily without any issue because It is not a difficult task to perform yet many users are not aware of it which is the reason that I am adding this tutorial for you guys in order to create ease for you just follow below guideline,

LearnHow To Send Recorded Voice Messages on Whatsapp

Here are the steps which you guys need to apply in order to start sending recorded voice messages. The task is quiet simple and handy. Now without taking your more time let me take you right towards the steps;

 Steps #
  1. First of all, Open your Whatsapp account on your Phone.
  2. Now open any contact to whom you want to send your voice message.
  3. Then Open your chat of that particular contact then click on Mic icon in the chat box.

    How to Send Voice Message on Whatsapp
    How to Send Voice Message on Whatsapp
  4. After that, you will need to record your voice message. You can swipe left to cancel the recording and to record a new one.
  5. Ones the receiver has listened your voice message then the mic will turn blue.
  6. That’s It .Done,


How to Send Voice Messages Recorded on Whatsapp :Its all about Whatsapp user to know this feature which is very necessary of whatsapp so by the this tricks you can learn send voice recorded message on whatsapp easily.if you face any problem regarding this article ask me freely by comments below,don’t forget to share this post to your friends,