How to Stop Pop-up on any windows


How to Stop Pop-up on any windows.Today I am shared you how to stop pop up’s on windows its very disturbing moments  when you are searching something on browser suddenly   a pop bar appear to permission on any site allow/disallow these tricks hope you will enjoy

How to Stop Pop-up on any windows
How to Stop Pop-up on any windows

So.the first thing that you should know is the name of the browser that you have. You should follow the instructions for your browser.

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How to Stop Pop-up on any windows

For Internet Explorer:

Press Alt+X, then choose Manage Add-ons, then click Toolbars and Extensions. Find the advertising browsers add-on (it usually contains words “coupon”, “deals”, “price”, etc.) and disable it.
Follow: Tools=>Options=>Privacy tab. In the Pop-up Blocker section, you should check the Block pop-ups option.

For Mozilla Firefox:

Press Ctrl+Shift+A, then remove the extension that contains advertising keywords in their names, such as “coupon”, “deals”, “price”.
Follow: Tools, Options, Web Features. Then you should check Block Popup Windows.

For Google Chrome:

Press Alt+F, then select Tools, click on Extensions, find the advertising add-on there (its name usually contains words “coupon”, “deals”, “price”) and uninstall it.
Usually, this browser automatically blocks pop-ups, so you should not perform any other instructions.


I have discussed How to Stop Pop-up on any windows it’s all about you I hope you will like this tricks and very useful tricks for the very person if any query regarding this post asks me and subscribe NOW