How To Unblock Youtube To Watch Age-Restricted Videos


Here we comes with latest news about :How To Unblock YouTube To Watch Age-Restricted Videos: as you know you tube is famous in the world where people share their videos,images,songs for free of cost , so you tube many country has restricted number of reason if you talk about in Pakistan you tube is ban due to you tube share violation of Islam videos that’s why PTCL(Pakistan telecommunication Limited) ban you tube site as well as i told you number to reason with YouTube is ban in different country,


So, There are some tested tricks by dostifun platform we are sharing the tricks to unblock site unblock videos facilities by simple and easy method you just have consider the procedure and steps follow, so take a look below,

Steps # 1 – Unblock Youtube Age-Restricted Videos Using URL Change

  • First open YouTube and search out any videos that is restricted according to age.
  • Now you will see the age restriction and now copy the URL of video.
  • In the URL you will have to replace watch?v= with /v/.
    Like the actual URL is
    you will change it to
youtube unblock video
  • That’s it paste the URL and press enter and you are done, you will see videos will see the video will start playing without signing in.

Steps # 2 Unblock Youtube Age-Restricted Videos by Redirected Site

  • First of all you have to  open the age restricted youtube video.
  • Now in front of YouTube in URL add nsfw as seen in image below.

    youtube unblock video.

  • Hit enter and you are done, the video will start playing without signing in any youtube account.


How To Unblock Youtube To Watch Age-Restricted Videos :Its all about Youtube Unblock restricted video by this easy method you can skip restrict step by this tricks above i’m confident you can do  it easily bypass so if you face any problem regarding this article ask me freely by comments below, very specially don’t forget to tell this article to your friends,