How to Unlock Android 5 Lollipop (Bypass Android Lock)


Here we bring you latest tricks about How to Unlock Android 5 Lollipop (Bypass Android Lock): You know very well Android 5.0 lollipop its going to famous all over the world due to their feature and graphics and design there are many verison already available in the market and internet but lollipop is much better then oldest, some time we forget to pattern codes how can restore and recover or by pass today we will learn you, 

how to unlock android 5 lollipop (bypass android codes)

So, there is very simple and easy method to unlock android 5.0 lollipop easily.and this tutorial ‘ll help you unlock finger print lock passcode other type of cods without any issue you just considerate on method how to unlocking your android 5 so take a look, below

Steps # How to Unlock Android 5 Lollipop (Bypass Android Lock)

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  1. First of all, Open Emergency Dialer on your phone.
  2. Then keep writing numbers and characters in the field until it reaches its limit.
  3. Now you need to copy that numbers or characters which you have written on Emergency Dialer and then Open your Camera app which can be opened without unlocking your phone.
  4. Now drag the screen downward and it will ask you to enter a password. Now paste that characters in the password field and if then again start adding some more characters and digits there until it reaches its limit.
  5. Now get back to camera again and keep pressing increasing/decreasing button on your phone on the same time while you are adding characters in the password field. This is all about to make the camera app crash.
  6. Keep doing this until you see Home and Back options disappeared. Ones they are disappeared that means app is about to crash. Now stop your action and in some seconds you will be taken to the menus option of your Android phone.
  7. Enjoy your Phone,


How to Unlock Android 5 Lollipop (Bypass Android Lock) : Its all all about unlock android 5 lollipop version with any issue as mention above method if you proper step by step follow you can easily unlock your  devices ever all type of passcode so if you like this procedure to share this post to your friends and if you face any problem regarding article ask me freely by comments below, and if you want to update our Latest related post to by email notification so subscribe now