How To Use Multiple Facebook Accounts On Android


How To Use Multiple Facebook Accounts On Android :Today we are here to share you most important think that is how to multiple facebook account use on android devices its tested 100% working by as you know more the billion of people use facebook in daily bases some of them updated daily activities some of them chat with friends and family so Now talking about android device where you can simply run a single account of your Facebook that is in Facebook official app and messenger app and to use another account you have to sign out from all and then fill in login details of another account to use it. But this takes time and to overcome this we are here with How To Use Multiple Facebook Accounts On Android. Yes it is possible you can switch facebook accounts too in your android device like your google account.

The process to access multiple Facebook accounts is straight and simple as here we will be using a cool app that will let you to use multiple accounts in your android, just you need to select the account you want to set and you are done. Now follow up the below steps to proceed.

Learn- Steps #

  1. First of all in your android download and install app Friendcaster from CLICK HERE.
  2. Now launch this app in your android device and you will see interface like below.1
  3. Now click on login button and enter your login details and click on ok on coming popups.
  4. Now you will get login into the current account, Now click on settings button at the top.1
  5. Now click on accounts option at the first number.1
  6. Now you will see one primary account already there, click on add another account.1
  7. Now enter the complete details of another account and you will get login into that account.1
    1. Now you can switch between these two apps very easily and smoothly with the help if this app.


    How To Use Multiple Facebook Accounts On Android. Its all about you i hope you will like this article so i have tried to share this post as newbie so By this now you can easily browse out multiple facebook account without logging out from one and then signing in onother, just you need to tap on the account that you want to use and you are done. Hope you like the post, don’t forget to share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have related queries.